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No Free Maid Service!?!?

For those of you about to retire or dreaming of it, let me give you a little tip.  There is NO free maid service that comes with retirement!  🙁  I know….shocking, isn’t it???  With that in mind, Michael and I did fairly quick work of getting the coach ship-shape again – vacuuming, dusting, shaking out … Continue reading »

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Keyless entry, Seafood Pasta & Football

Nice quiet, retired kind of day. Our keyless entry went on the fritz and Michael tried a new battery and that didn’t do the trick.  Today he removed the window so he could get at the receiver.  He checked the fuse and it was fine.  He reprogrammed the receiver to the keypad and cleaned the … Continue reading »

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El Mercado, San Fernando Cathedral & Schilo’s Delicatessen

A good day!  We had a nice quiet morning and then about 1:00 pm we headed to downtown San Antonio. Our first destination was El Mercado (Market Square) which was basically a Mexican market place with lots of clothing, sombreros, pottery, trinkets, etc.  It was similar to shopping in Mexico but the prices were quite … Continue reading »

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Historic District, SAS Factory & Old Glory

Awesome, awesome, awesome day! We left home about 10:00 am and headed to the King William Historic district of San Antonio.  I’d read online that we could pick up a brochure at 107 King William St that would guide us around the area.  Excellent brochure with a map and write-up on many of the significant … Continue reading »

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Retiree IDs & Mail Call

Ouch!  We were up WAY too early this morning!  We were up at 6:15 and out the door by 6:45 so that we could be to the ID card office by 7:00.  We go there just after 7:00 and were the 6th in line (with about 12 behind us)  when the doors opened.  Little did … Continue reading »

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Phone Calls, Chinese & A Walk

Ahhhh….the retired life….we LIKE it!  We didn’t do much of anything today.  The first part of the day we watched a bunch of TV shows that were on the DVR (we still have several more to go!). Michael made several phone calls: 1.  To Shur-flo to check on the water pump that we mailed to … Continue reading »

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Pumpkins, Burgers & Good-Byes

It started out on the chilly side again today and only got to about 67.  We sat outside for a little while late this morning – we started out in the sun and moved to the shade as the sun got a little too warm but then it got a little chilly in the shade! … Continue reading »

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Chilly Weather & Family Time

Yesterday we (Zack, Kelsea & Paityn too!) drove up to Boerne, Texas and crashed the Heartland rally that was taking place this weekend.  We had a good time visiting with friends (Jay, Stella, Bette, Lou, Paul & Nan) and were able to meet a few others (Terry, Carol, Jim & Bette) – many of whom … Continue reading »

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I was awake MUCH too early this morning…4:00 am!  I tossed and turned until 5:20 and then threw in the towel and got up! Just before 6:00 am I was able to hear the sounds of cadence be sung by troops out doing their morning PT (Physical Training)…I’ve always loved that sound! Zack, Kelsea & … Continue reading »

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Visit Preparation & Golfing

Today we eagerly awaited the arrive of Zack’s wife, Kelsea and daughter Paityn!  They flew in from Vancouver, Washington to spend the long Columbus day weekend with Zack, who has a 4-day weekend from school. I prepared the coach for the arrival of our 20 month old, Paityn but putting things away that might not … Continue reading »

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