Warrior Woman!

Posted by on October 29, 2012

Kelly – Gaelic for Warrior Woman!  That was me today!  Since Michael’s still having problems with his back/shoulder and the coach & truck needed a wash REALLY badly I sucked it up and got out there and gave them both a quick once over.  Certainly not a professional job but they look much better than they did to begin with!  I also washed the windows inside, dusted and washed a load of laundry!  Go me!

Between the two of us we got both 40 pound LP tanks removed and taken over to have them filled up here at the RV park.  We paid $2.40 per gallon and needed 13 gallons – Michael seemed to think that was a pretty fair price.  Whether it was or not, they’re filled and it’s one less thing to get done before we pull out of here Thursday.

Zack came by yesterday and put the underbelly back up after he & Michael double checked for any leaks (there were none!).  He stayed to have dinner with us and we all watched a little football as well.  It’s been really nice having him close by this past month.  He’s been a great help since Michael’s been having back/shoulder problems.

Like much of the country we are watching the news of Hurricane Sandy’s impending landfall.  Our youngest son, Dan, and his family live on Long Island so we are watching with a little more interest than some might be.  As of 4:30 pm they have no flooding yet but the wind is picking up  and they’ve  had a tree in their front yard fall into the street.  Dan tried to move it out of the way but wasn’t able to budge it.  Please keep them (and everyone else on the east coast) in your thoughts and prayers.

Even our 10-month old grandson, Alex, is curious about how windy it’s getting!

Downed tree

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