Leak Resolved??

Posted by on October 27, 2012

Zack came over today and he and Michael checked out our water leak and were able to find the problem pretty quickly.   From underneath the coach they could see where the water was coming from so they opened up the bulkhead wall and found that the leak was coming from one of the fittings coming from the water heater.  Michael had read on the Heartland Owners Forum that there was a fitting that tended to go bad…and it seems that ours did.  After diagnosing the problem they emptied the water from the water heater and we headed off to Lowe’s (along with a few other stops) to pick up some new fittings – brass instead of the original plastic fitting.

Zack checking under the coach to find out where the water is coming from

Looking for the leak….and finding it!

The old fitting. The hot water seems to have heated up the plastic, making it so brittle that it cracked.

Zack replaced the cracked fitting (with Michael’s guidance) and the nylon braided plastic hose with 1/2 inch pex and also replaced a plastic T with a brass one.  (Michael’s goal is to replace all the plastic fittings with brass at some point).  Michael had white pex on hand and used that instead of purchasing 100 feet (the smallest amount available for purchase at Lowe’s) of red pex at this point.  In the future he’ll replace the white with red.

The old fitting on the left and what it should have looked like on the right


I didn’t get a picture of the newly replaced defective fitting but this is a picture of a new brass elbow connecting the new white pex that was installed.

While they were in the basement and had the bulkhead wall removed they also installed the new water pump that Shur-flo sent us to replace our defective 5.7.  The new one is a 4048 as they no longer make the 5.7.  Lets hope that we have better luck with this one as we went through 2 of the 5.7’s in less than 18 months.

Michael checked for leaks when they were done and left the underbelly down so that he can double-check again tomorrow.  Zack plans to come over again tomorrow to help Michael get the underbelly back in place.  It sure was nice having Zack here to help since Michael’s back/arm issues still haven’t been resolved.

While we were out to get the fittings we also visited the AMEDD Museum (Army Medical Department) on Ft. Sam.  Ft. Sam is pretty much where all Army medical training is done.  Zack is part of the Medical Service Corp.  The museum had military medical artifacts dating back to WWI through present day.  It was pretty interesting and we enjoyed the time with Zack too!

Checking out the artifacts

Model T ambulance from WWI

A uniform jacket from WWII. Zack has my dads (just like this one) and had it framed. A very cool piece of memorabilia

The inside of a hospital train car.

From the museum we drove to De Wese’s Tip Top Cafe, another recommendation from Guy Fieri of Diner’s, Drive-in’s & Dives – this time he ‘done good’ by us!  The parking lot had lots of cars in it (we took that as a good sign) and we had to wait about 10 minutes for a table (another good sign).  Zack noticed that a LOT of the people had onion rings and chicken fried steak.  After perusing the menu we all decided to try the chicken fried steak and we ordered an order of onion rings to share.  The onion rings came first and the order was HUGE!  And they were quite good!  Our meals came not long after the onion rings.  The chicken fried steak came with fries and salad and the steak itself was HUMONGOUS!  The fries weren’t anything to write home about but the chicken fried steak was very good.  Zack ate about 3/4 of his while Michael and I both brought 1/2 of ours home.

The Tip Top Cafe

Onion Rings

Chicken fried steak, fries & salad

When we got home the boys finished up the water leak issue and then we all went inside and played a game of cribbage (Zack won today!) while Zack did a load of laundry.  It was a good day spent with our oldest son.  Unfortunately, we will be pulling out of here on Thursday and won’t see him again until December 19th.  He finishes up his schooling on Friday and will be heading home after being gone for 2 months.  As of right now he’s the top student (honor grad) in his class.  He has one last group project this coming week and hopes to maintain his ‘top’ standing.  We’re quite proud of him.

Speaking of proud…our younger son, Dan, and the team he leads created a new game for Facebook that they released on Thursday called Music Mind.  The game consists of music clips, trivia, album cover recognition etc and is a lot of fun!  They’d love if you’d give it a try and provide them with any feedback you might have.  They’re planning to release iPhone & Android apps within the next couple of months.


3 Responses to Leak Resolved??

  1. John Krussow

    It’s great to hear the leak has been found and repaired. We’ll have to look into replacing those fittings well before they fail.

    Your meal at the Tip Top looked great! I love onion rings as well as chicken fried steak.

    Congrats to Zack for being the top of his class; hard work and great payoffs seem to run in your family! Something to be truely proud of. Same goes for his plumbing skills.

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