A Prayer, A Trim & A Project

Posted by on October 24, 2012

We’ve had several quiet days at home as Michael’s back has been acting up and we’ve been laying low hoping that it gets better.  We did take a trip to the ER here at Ft. Sam (BAMC) yesterday and he was given more pain meds and muscle relaxer (his were just about gone).  We’d appreciate if you said a small prayer (if you’re a praying kinda person) that things clear up soon.

Today we made our weekly trip to the commissary and while we were out we stopped at the PX so that Michael could get his hair trimmed and beard ‘shaped’.  The beard is a new thing (he’s recently retired from the Army, remember?)  and it was really starting to look pretty scraggly (is that a word!?!?) so a nice little trim/shape did wonders!

1/2 way done!

Final product! Woohoo!

When we got home Michael was feeling a little better so he worked on a small project.  We bought a new printer a few days ago and it’s home is in the cabinet over the TV in the living room – where they old one used to sit.  This new printer is set up just a little different from the old one and the door is lower on the unit and won’t open fully to allow for easy printing.  Michael needed to build a small platform for it to sit on and raise it up.  He got all the pieces cut but ended up not having the screws that he needed so he’ll pick them up tomorrow when we’re out ‘sight-seeing’.


Ready for screws & black felt

Next Thursday we leave here and head north to Canton, Texas for a week.  Michael has quite a few relatives (aunts, cousins and a brother) that we’re hoping to get a chance to visit with.  From there we are going to Oklahoma for a week, during which time we’ll be attending the Oklahoma Chapter meeting for Heartland.  Then we’ll be heading south again.  Hoping to stay at Ft. Hood for a few days and then we’ll move to Canyon Lake, Texas (just 48 miles north of San Antonio).  We’ll be staying at Randolph Canyon Lake Recreation Park.  It’s a military campground operated by Randolph AFB.  Right next door there is a campground operated by Ft. Sam Houston so we’ll be checking it out too.  Randolph allowed us to make reservations (which I made today) but Ft. Sam doesn’t – that’s why we went with the one we did.  There are only 9 sites so it should be nice and quiet!

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