Spanish Missions

Posted by on October 22, 2012

Today we visited San Antonio Missions National Park.  There are actually 5 missions, the Alamo being one…but since we were there last Friday we just went to the 4 south of San Antonio – Mission Concepcion, Mission San Jose, Mission San Juan and Mission Espada.  It’s hard to believe that these churches that are nearly 250 years old are still functioning and having mass!

The buildings are in different states of restoration but it is awesome to walk around the grounds and check out the ruins that  still pepper the area and picture what life was back in the late 1700s.


Mission Concepcion

The remains of the quarry where the rock that was used to build Mission Concepcion and parts of Mission San Jose came from

Inside Mission Concepcion


Mission San Jose

Grist Mill

Inside Mission San Jose


Mission San Juan is undergoing restoration so we were unable to go inside

There were a lot of interesting ruins at Mission San Juan

Part of the church undergoing restoration


Mission Espada

Inside Mission Espada – my favorite!

Remains of the Indian quarters

We really enjoyed the Missions.  Thankfully, we had a breeze as the temperature got up to about 93!   We decided that the heat called for some ice cream on the way home so I used my ‘Around me’ app and found Eagle’s Corner Ice Cream Shop.  What a find!  It was a cute little ‘mom & pop’ type shop, across the street from a high school.  The place was quite busy as school was out for the day and several kids were there getting a treat.













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