Remember the Alamo!

Posted by on October 19, 2012

We left home about 10:30 this morning and didn’t return until 7:30ish!  We took our time – stopping for lunch, potty breaks, drink breaks and just resting on shaded park benches to people watch.  Long day!  My feet, ankles and back are TIRED!!  Oh my!

We walked the Texas Star Trail Walking Tour which winds its way around downtown San Antonio pointing out historic buildings in the area.  It’s a 2.6 mile walk with 79 historic buildings listed on the tour.  The walk starts at the Alamo and if you go in numerical order (which we did) pretty much ends there as well.

This star was found in front of each building along the trail

These smaller stars are on the sidewalk periodically in between each of the large stars so that you know that you’re still on the trail

We started at the Alamo (first stop on the trail), paying $6.00 each to follow the audio tour which was helpful in learning the history of the Alamo and it’s buildings.  Touring the Alamo took us almost 2.5 hours…yes, we’re very slow!  The audio tour was hard to follow at time as the numbers we had to follow were sometimes out of order so we had a hard time finding where we were supposed to be…but we made it and enjoyed it!

2psnapod at the Alamo!

Front of the long barracks

Beautiful old oak tree on the grounds of the Alamo

After touring the Alamo we continued onto the 2nd star on the walking trail which was once the Medical Arts Building, built in 1926.  It has housed the Emily Morgan Hotel since 1985.  The Emily Morgan is known for being one of  San Antonio’s most haunted places.

The Emily Morgan Hotel

Cenotaph monument in the Alamo Plaza is in memory of the brave men that lost their lives at the battle of the Alamo. Four of those men (Davey Crocket, Jim Bowie, William Travis & James Bonham are highlighted) The Emily Morgan Hotel is in the background.

I took several pictures of the Riverwalk along the way as we passed over it several times.  We’re still planning to do some more walking on the Riverwalk…it’s so pretty.


The oldest residential structures remaining downtown, The Spanish Governor’s Palace and the De La Garza Homestead are stops 38 and 42, respectively, along the trail.

The De La Garza Homestead

Continuing on the trail…

The Bexar County Courthouse built 1891 – 94. A huge, gorgeous building that this picture just doesn’t do justice.

2 of the 4 Frey Houses (the other 2 are behind these) built in 1903 & 1904.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church (1868 – 1871) is known as St. Joske’s because the former department store is literally built around it! Joske’s Department Store is now part of the Rivercenter Mall.

Last stop…#79 – The Menger Hotel, built in 1858 has the unofficial title of ‘The Most Haunted Hotel in Texas’.

If you’re in San Antonio, enjoy walking and history this tour might just be for you!  Our walking tour took us about 4 hours…but it could be done in much less time…we REALLY took our time!

We found parking about a block from the Alamo for $10 for 8 hours and were actually able to fit in a spot! On our way back to the truck we realized that we were parked just behind our son, Zack’s, hotel!














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  1. Larry Bandstra

    Very Cool. All the years I lived in Texas I never made to the Alamo. Gonna change that someday.

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