No More Army Gear!

Posted by on October 18, 2012

Ahhh!  Went to see the doctor today and we were each able to get our prescriptions written out so that we could submit them to Express Scripts so that we can begin getting our prescriptions through the mail.  We were each given a 90 day supply plus 3 refills – giving us a years worth of medicine.  We’ll have to see a doctor in about 6 months to have blood work done (they did some today too) to make sure that the meds are doing what they’re supposed to be doing.  Now just to submit the prescriptions to Express Scripts and get that process started!

We went back to the Fort Sam Army Navy Store today so that Michael could look into selling the remainder of his Army stuff while the owner was there.  I waited in the truck with my trusty Kindle and about 30 minutes later Michael came out with no Army gear and $200.00!

We’ve been having difficulties with our printer for a while now and it finally bit the dust a few days ago.  We stopped at a few places today to find a replacement and ended up purchasing from Walmart.  We purchased a Canon MX439 for $68.00.  We decided to go the cheaper route this time as the last one only lasted us a couple of years and we paid more than twice that for it.  Now just to get it set up and running!  This should be fun!

Tomorrow we’re planning on touring the Texas Star Trail Walking Tour.  It’s 2.6 miles long, starts at the Alamo and has 79 historic sites along the route.  The high is supposed to be around 85 tomorrow so it shouldn’t be too bad heat wise for our walk.

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