A Day Of Accomplishments!

Posted by on October 16, 2012

It has been a day of accomplishments!

1.  The light in our refrigerator stopped working a couple of months ago (along with the ice maker and having excess condensation in the fridge).  We had a new solenoid installed on 9/11 but that didn’t fix the problem.  So we waited until we got here to make an appointment to take the coach in and have the refrigerator looked at again.  Michael posted on the Heartland Owners Forum asking for recommendations on a good dealer in the San Antonio area and one of the forum members suggested he check the fuse on the back of the fridge to see if that could be the problem.  Michael checked the fuse, pushed it in a little and viola!  We have a light in the fridge again!  Tomorrow we will defrost the freezer, dry it out real good and see if the ice maker works too!  Keep your fingers crossed.  If not…

2.  Today as we came home from an errand there was a bright orange appliance truck across the street from our coach.  It was a Traveling RV Repairman.  Michael stopped and asked if he was a certified Dometic (our refrigerator brand) repairman and could do warranty work.  He is!  How cool is that…we don’t have to take the coach anywhere!  He came into the coach briefly to take a look and verified that the condensation that we’re experiencing is not supposed to be happening.  So when we get the freezer defrosted and find out whether the ice maker works or not we’ll give him a call and have him look at the condensation issue and possibly the ice maker.

3.  We finally got our prescriptions transferred from Maxwell AFB to here at Ft. Sam Houston.  It took a week (normally a day) with Maxwell’s pharmacy being too busy when originally called, the paperwork being laid aside and forgotten, a phone call from us to check the status yesterday and a phone call from the pharmacist today that basically sounded like she wasn’t going to fill any of them because some didn’t have any more refills.  After all was said and done we got our refills and are happy campers!

4.  We’ve been trying to get subscribed to Express Scripts – a mail order prescription service that the military recommends using and we thought would work well with us traveling.  In order to register we have to have hard copies of our prescriptions.  In the military system when we see the doctor and they prescribe something they enter it into the computer system and the pharmacy (in the same building) looks it up on the computer and fills it when we go to pick it up.  So we have no hard copies.  Michael made several calls to the Maxwell pharmacy/clinic to try to get hard copies but because our Primary Care Manager is no longer there the new doctor wouldn’t write the prescriptions.  To make a very long story short….we had to make appointments to see a doctor here in San Antonio to get prescriptions.  We have appointments on Thursday afternoon.  Sure will be glad when this is done and we can get our prescriptions through the mail!

5.  Since we picked up our coach back in March of 2011 Michael has been dissatisfied with the shower head in bathroom.  It was unstable, bouncing all over the place and he planned to do something about it…he just wasn’t sure what…until yesterday!  He took the panel off the wall in our bedroom so that he could access the back of the shower head unit.   The old ?? had only 1 screw attaching it to the vertical board (see pics below) which kept the shower head at an angle most of the time.  Michael added the small horizontal board and added screws to both sides of the shower head unit.  It is now super stable!  Now all he needs to do is put some plumbers putty behind the flange (or whatever you wanna call it!) the goes around the shower head pipe and covers the hole in the wall that the pipe is coming out of – it never stays in place but now it will!

The larger vertical board was already there. Michael added the small horizontal board so that 2 screws could be added to secure the shower head.

To complete the project he’ll add plumbers putty behind this flange (round thingie!) to keep it from ‘riding’ around.

The newly secured shower head!



2 Responses to A Day Of Accomplishments!

  1. Lyle Krug

    From what it looks like there should be another piece (backing anchor) behind the shower’s cover plate that’s screwed into the wall. Then when that cover plate goes over the pipe, it ether twists on to the backing anchor, or there’s a set screw to tie them together. Might want to look into that too.

  2. 2psnapod2

    Lyle, often on a cheaper fixture there is no backer piece for them. And most of the time in a RV they use pretty cheap fixtures. So no backer for it, and I believe a little plumbers putty is the fix. If not it will be easy to remove and try something else. We will see…..

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