El Mercado, San Fernando Cathedral & Schilo’s Delicatessen

Posted by on October 13, 2012

A good day!  We had a nice quiet morning and then about 1:00 pm we headed to downtown San Antonio.

Our first destination was El Mercado (Market Square) which was basically a Mexican market place with lots of clothing, sombreros, pottery, trinkets, etc.  It was similar to shopping in Mexico but the prices were quite a bit higher.  We didn’t buy anything as I was looking more for a farmers market to purchase some fruits and vegetables.  But that’s ok we enjoyed walking around and checking out the different shops.  We each got a fajita and taco – both of which were homemade fresh in front us – that were excellent!  While we enjoyed our lunch we were entertained by a children’s Mexican dance class – fun!

Some of the wares at El Mercado

Vendors can be found indoors and outdoors

Michael thought that this was the perfect shirt for him!

Our lunch entertainment

Yummy fajita

After finishing our lunch we took a leisurely walk down Commerce Street as we had plans to attend the 5:30 pm mariachi Mass at San Fernando Cathedral.  The original church, which now forms the walls of the sanctuary, was built-in the mid 1700s!  The church is gorgeous inside and out but much smaller than I expected.  Most of the mass was in English with one of the readings and all of the music in Spanish.  Michael and I both enjoyed the Spanish singing…it was so pretty and something very different from what we are used to.

Mexican siesta

San Fernando Cathedral

Relaxing before mass

After mass we continued on down Commerce Street to Schilo’s Delicatessen, where we were meeting our oldest son, Zack, for dinner.  We were looking to order from their ‘evening specialties’  (German entrees) menu that we’d viewed online…sadly when we got there we found out that they no longer offered that menu and hadn’t for 3+ years!  The hostess apologized and explained that she’d asked the general manager repeatedly to remove that menu from the website and he refused basically.  The hostess gave us each a free dessert as way of apology for our disappointment.   The food was good (as were the desserts) but not nearly as good as the food we had a few weeks ago when we were in Helen, Georgia.


We got home just about 9:00 pm, turned on the TV and settled down with our laptops to relax for a while before hitting the hay.  Another good day in the books.

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