Pumpkins, Burgers & Good-Byes

Posted by on October 8, 2012

It started out on the chilly side again today and only got to about 67.  We sat outside for a little while late this morning – we started out in the sun and moved to the shade as the sun got a little too warm but then it got a little chilly in the shade!

Zack, Kelsea and Paityn spent the day with us again.  Zack and Paityn carved a pumpkin.  Paityn didn’t want to touch the ‘guts’  at first…but she would pick out each seed and throw them in the garbage one at a time.  After a while she got braver and helped her Papa clean out the inside a little.

Not wanting much to do with it…

…starting to get curious…

…getting brave

really starting to getting into this now…

Final inspection

Paityn also helped Papaw spray some lubricant on the landing legs of the coach.  She’s a big helper!

Paityn & Papaw

While Paityn napped the rest of us played a game of cribbage (I won!) and then a new game called Sketchy (Kelsea won!).  Just as we were ready to finish the last game Michael’s chair broke and he did a slow motion tumble to the floor.  Zack, Kelsea & I got a darn good chuckle out of the whole thing….Michael however, didn’t find it nearly as funny!

Zack grilled some burgers for dinner and we enjoyed our last meal with Paityn and Kelsea before Zack had to take them to the airport.  We’ve had such a good time with them this weekend and I know that Zack will miss them terribly before he flies back home in a few weeks.  Thankfully, we’ll be seeing the three of them plus the 3 New York Barnett’s in 77 days!

We spent the rest of our evening out on the patio watching some TV and enjoying the gorgeous weather.  We stayed out until about 7:30 before we were chased inside by the skeeters!

6 Responses to Pumpkins, Burgers & Good-Byes

  1. John Krussow

    Sounds like Michael needs to lay off the burgers and just eat salad.

  2. 2psnapod1

    Ha! Could be!!

  3. Zack Barnett

    LOL Thats funny, no doubt i will be missing my ladies. I never thought two people could possibly mean so much to me!

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