Oil Change & Beach Boulevard

Posted by on September 29, 2012

We sure are loving our new found life so far….of course it hasn’t been long but so far…so GOOD!  I woke up about 6:30 this morning and relaxed with my laptop – checking email and Facebook, of course.  While listening to the pitter patter of a light rain on the roof (have I told you before how much I love that sound?)

I started breakfast (bacon, eggs, biscuits & cantaloupe) and just before it was ready, Michael meandered out of the bedroom.  We enjoyed our breakfast while discussing the next couple of days itineraries – long days of driving for us…for some they’d be short days but we really like to stick to under 300 miles per day and not more than 350.  But the sacrifices we make to get to San Antonio to be with our oldest son are small!  😉

While I showered and got ready for the day, Michael and Steve met out in Steve’s garage to do an oil change on our truck.  Michael, not ever having done and oil change on a diesel truck, was very happy to find out that Steve does all of his own work and was willing to ‘coach’ him in the fine art of diesel oil changes.

Looking for the oil filter while the oil drains…

….found the oil filter! (Sneaky little devil)

Cleaning the air filter…

Adding new oil

After the guys were showered and cleaned up we decided to go for a drive around the area.  We drove along US 90/Beach Blvd through Ocean Springs, Biloxi & Gulfport.  As we drove Steve & Nonna told us about the damage done by Hurricane Katrina back in August 2005.  All of the casinos at that time had to be on water…every one of them was lost…and rebuilt…but this time they were allowed to be built on land.  Many of the buildings and homes were leveled and had to be rebuilt.  There are still remnants of piers on the water that were washed away and now only the posts stick out of the water.  Big, beautiful homes line the north side of Beach Blvd.  Some made it through the hurricane – those that didn’t, have empty lots with just a foundation sitting on them or a driveway going to nothing.  For Michael & I, who have never experienced anything like a hurricane it was a huge eye-opener.

Remains of what used to be a pier before Katrina came along

The ‘new’ Beau Rivage Hotel was rebuilt exactly like the original that was destroyed by Katrina. They even brought in fully grown oak trees & plants to make it look like did before the storm.

Here we are in front of the Lighthouse Pier, in the rain!

After all the destruction Katrina caused in the gulf area, a woodcarver by the name of, Marlin Miller, from Fort Walton Beach, Florida wanted to bring some beauty back to the area.  By using the remains of oak trees that had been destroyed by the storm he created beautiful sculptures along the highway.  If you’re ever in the area – these sculptures are not to be missed!  They are beautiful and have a message that seems to say, “Beauty can be found in anything…you just have to find it”.

We stopped for a late lunch at Olive Garden.  It had been raining all day so a nice bowl of soup to start our meal was quite welcome!  When we got back to Steve & Nonna’s home Michael and I went to the coach to relax for a little while before heading over to the house to enjoy some more time with our hosts.  We enjoyed some yummy Apple Something-Bob (Steve’s name for it) that Nonna made this morning.  We watched some baseball (Tigers vs Twins) and college football (Texas vs OSU) and chatted.  It was a nice relaxing evening – the best kind.

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