Moving Day: Piedmont, SC To Hope Hull, AL

Posted by on September 27, 2012

We pulled out of Ivy Acres RV Park at 10:52 am and had an uneventful trip to Hope Hull, Alabama.  We pulled into Montgomery South RV Park (just off I65) about 5:30 pm.  We are set up in site 1 for the night.  The park is nothing special but it’s fairly level & clean.  At $17.50 a night for a  full hookup using Passport America it’s definitely do-able!

Montgomery South RV Park – site 1

We stopped for lunch in a Lowes parking lot and enjoyed some really yummy BLT wraps.  A new recipe that I found on Pinterest  that I will definitely be using again.

We arrived in Montgomery about 3:30 and stopped at Walmart on south-east side of the city to pick up a few items and then drove over and met 1LT Reeves in the Sam’s Club parking lot as he had 3 pieces of mail that we were waiting for…they’d been delivered to the until on the 7th of September and couldn’t be found.  We had pretty much written them off until 1LT Reeves called this morning and let us know they were there.

We had tacos for dinner(boy were they tasty!)  and then sat down to watch some of this seasons TV premiere’s – Last Resort, Person of Interest  & Elementary.

6 Responses to Moving Day: Piedmont, SC To Hope Hull, AL

  1. Valerie Talley

    Safe travels on to TX. Malcolm will be in Austin, TX, October 14-20….business trip.

    • 2psnapod1

      Well he’ll be just down the road from us! It’s easy to tell that our crosses will definitely cross with yours in the future!

  2. John Krussow

    Kelly, Rana and I watch the same three shows as well. Great minds think alike.

    Too early to tell if Last Resort and Elementary will make it or not. They may.

    • 2psnapod1

      I would have recorded Grey’s Anatomy too…but the satellite dish/dvr didn’t want to cooperate. I enjoyed both Last Resort & Elementary last night. Michael had a hard time following Elementary but he was messing around on his laptop. Hoping both shows continue to be as enjoyable.

  3. deelebe

    Hey Kelly,

    Remember John and I saying we’d be going full timing in the near future? Well looks like the future got here quicker than we thought. John was laid off today so we are going to be spending more time getting rid of our stuff. LOL He got a decent severance so we are good for now but we’ll be moving sooner vs later.

    • 2psnapod1

      Oh my! Yay!? Not sure if I should be happy or sad!? But I think this is the ‘life changing event’ that you needed to get you started on your full-time journey! So…YAY!!! I’ll be looking forward to hearing what your plans are…when you’ll be hitting the road…where you’ll be heading!

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