Touring: Anderson, Williamston & Pelzer, South Carolina

Posted by on September 26, 2012

Yesterday we spent another wonderful day with the Dyal’s.  We talk and laugh so much that the time flies!  We spent the afternoon site-seeing around the area that they live in…Anderson, Williamston and Pelzer.  Ken & Cheryl shock me with all the knowledge/history that is stored in their heads about the entire area!  I wish I knew half as much about the areas I grew up in as they know about where they grew up.

We started off in Anderson:

This is a replica of a statue that was stolen earlier this year from in front of the American Legion in Anderson, SC. The original was never found but this replica was put up in its place. So sad that people feel the need to do the things that they do.

Our next stop was T.L. Hanna High School where we found this statue of James Robert Kennedy, better known as ‘Radio‘, there was a movie with the same name back in 2003. He is fascinated with both radios and football. Watch the movie – it’s great!

T.L. Hanna High School – it’s been updated/added on to since Radio’s school days

From Anderson we took a short drive to Williamston:

Michael drinking from the spring in Mineral Spring Park, downtown, Williamston. What a beautiful little park! Back in the late 1800s it seemed to be THE place for gatherings.

On the far end of the park are 4 graves (relocated here in 2002). They are of the town founder, West Allen Williams, his parents and one of his brothers. The mayor in 2002 thought it was important to have the town founder buried in the place that he had founded and so he worked diligently to make his dream become a reality. Michael and I found the story to be very interesting and while we were visiting the graves and discussing the whole thing with Ken & Cheryl…

….this woman walked up and asked if we were related to the people buried there. We said ‘no’ but found out that she was! West Allen Williams was her Great great great great uncle! Talk about a living history lesson! She was a wealth of knowledge! She was the person that signed the papers to have the graves relocated here. We really enjoyed meeting her and getting first hand information about the relocation of the graves.

After we left the park we drove to Pelzer and were treated to stories about the 2 mills (upper Mill & lower Mill) that were once operating and thriving.  (Kenneth worked at both mills at one time or another).  Unfortunately both mills have been shut down and are either in disrepair or torn down.  It was really interesting to drive around the areas surrounding the mills and see the ‘old mill houses’, most of which have been renovated and updated but you can easily tell that they are ‘mill houses’.   Cheryl’s aunt lives in one of the mill houses (it was originally her grandparents home) so we really enjoyed seeing it and hearing the stories of when Kenneth would drive by while Cheryl and her cousin were sitting on the porch before they met and eventually married.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures along this part of our trip!

We ended the day back at our coach where I made dinner for all of us…Honey chicken kebabs, rice, glazed carrots & cucumber salad.  After dinner we all relaxed and enjoyed the dipping temperatures.

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