Carl Sandburg Home, Chores & Satellite TV

Posted by on September 23, 2012

We had a wonderful day yesterday!  We spend the entire day with Ken, Cheryl & K.O.  They picked us up at 11:00 am and dropped us back off again around 10:00 pm.  A long day but we enjoyed every second!

Our destination was The Carl Sandburg Home in Flat Rock, North Carolina (about 45 miles north of our RV park).  Sandburg was a Pulitzer Prize winning poet and lived in the home from 1945 until he died in 1967.  The home provided the solitude he need for his writing and the acreage that his wife, Lillian, need to raise her prize-winning goats.  There are still goats on the farm, all of which are descendants of the original goats raised by Lillian.  It was such a beautiful day to tour the grounds of this historic home and its grounds.  K.O. especially enjoyed being able to pet the goats and try goat cheese and fudge made with goat’s milk.

The Carl Sandburg Home

Kenneth & K.O. petting the goats

Cheryl & Michael relaxing in the barnyard

K.O. feeding ‘Amelia the goat’ some grass

Me & Cheryl

Before we headed north to North Carolina Cheryl took us to a lone grave along the side of the road, dating back to 1859.  The grave is that of a 3 1/2 year old little girl who had been riding along in a horse and buggy and had to use the bathroom.  When she got out of the buggy she was bit by a snake and later died from the bite.  The grave is in the site where she was bitten.  Strangely enough her father was a doctor…sadly he wasn’t able to help his little Leila.

Grave of Little Leila Howell

Grave is right alongside the road

We finished touring Carl Sandburg’s home around 4:00 pm and were all quite hungry so we went in search of food.  We found the South Rock Bar & Grille just a few miles up the highway in Hendersonville, NC.  Michael and I shared an appetizer platter that included fried pickles, onion tangles & fried green beans – yummy!  We all had burgers of some sort for our meal (except K.O. who had wings) and we all enjoyed them VERY much!  There’s just nothing like a really good burger.

On the way back toward our starting location we drove through Greenville, driving by the former home (now a museum) of Shoeless Joe Jackson and the Michelin plant.  Kenneth works at Michelin so it was interesting for Michael and I to see where he works and understand what he does for a living.

Former home of Shoeless Joe Jackson

Our last stop for the day was Cheryl’s aunt Sharon’s home.  Sharon’s son had gotten married in the backyard earlier in the day so when we got there we were privileged to meet several of Cheryl’s family members.  Cheryl has talked about these relatives over the years so it was especially nice to actually meet them in person.  Now I can actually put a face to a name!  We visited for about an hour or so before heading back to the RV park.

Today we are taking time to get things down around the coach that have been put off for too long.  I did laundry, vacuumed  scrubbed the floors, cleaned the bathroom and cleaned the woodwork.   So glad that that is done!

While I did my chores Michael worked on getting the Satellite dish working.  He had ordered a satellite meter a few weeks ago, and had it shipped to Ken & Cheryl’s, to help him to lock in on the satellite. He ordered the Tracker Light 3.0 from SatPro after talking with one of their techs and getting some advice.   We picked the meter up from Ken & Cheryl’s yesterday so that he could try to set up the dish today.  It seems that since we have an HD dish they are much more touchy and have to be set up just so.  He took his time reading the information that came with the meter and getting it set up.  Guess what?  It worked!  We once again have satellite TV and now can DVR all the new TV shows that are starting!  Whew!

We’ll be spending the rest day relaxing as we are doing some more ‘touring’ with Ken & Cheryl tomorrow.  Can’t wait!

5 Responses to Carl Sandburg Home, Chores & Satellite TV

  1. jbeletti

    Awesome on the Satellite TV finder 🙂 Happy to hear it did the trick!

    • 2psnapod1

      WAY happy that it did the trick! So many people (you, Cookie, our boys) tried to help us get it tuned in and it just wasn’t happening! Miss you JimB!

  2. jbeletti

    Miss you two too. Nice to keep up via FB and blogs 🙂

  3. Walter Seigler

    Just wondering about the little Leila Howell buried in piedmont beside the road. It says she died of a snake bite. Where did that story come from just curious? All I have seen she died of typhoid fever. I have heard other stories too thank you for your story.

    • Kelly

      To tell you the truth…we visited this spot so long ago I have no idea where I heard that story…could have been from a friend we were visiting in the are or something I found on the internet.

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