Camping World, Ft. Toulouse, DirecTV & The VA

Posted by on September 11, 2012

So…I’ve fallen behind in my blogging and need to play a little catch up!

Saturday morning we pulled out of Oak Mountain State Park about 9:00 am and arrived at our destination, Camping World in Calera, Alabama, 18 miles later!  We had an appointment to have a new solenoid valve installed in our icemaker.  We’d stopped there on August 10th and had them diagnose the problem and gave them time to order and receive the part before going back to have it installed.  We dropped the coach in their parking lot about 10:00 am and when we came back about 5:00 pm it was set up in their campground.  Nice!  Unfortunately, the solenoid valve didn’t do the trick and we still don’t have any ice.  We didn’t have time to have them look into it further but one of the gentlemen gave Michael some ideas as to where the problem might lie.

Set up in the Calera, Alabama Camping World Campground for 2 nights

While the coach was being worked on we decided to go to a movie…however, we did not go to the same movie!  Michael wanted to see 2016:  Obama’s America, which I had absolutely no interest in seeing so I saw Hope Springs.  I really enjoyed my movie (8 stars!)but I’m not really sure if Michael enjoyed his or not.

We spent 2 nights at Camping World, moving back to Ft. Toulouse Campground (about 12 miles north of Montgomery) Monday morning.  We are set up in site 25 for 7 nights.

Ft. Toulouse Campground – site 25

Monday afternoon we had to go to the Reserve Center so that Michael could do a few things and while we were there they had a small gathering of all personnel in the building and presented Michael with a plaque in honor of his retirement.  I was also presented a coin to thank me for supporting Michael throughout his career.

Michael being presented his plaque by Cpt Brake & CSM Hatchell

The coin I was given on behalf of the 1 star general (Brigadier General) at Michael’s unit.

After we arrived at Ft. Toulouse we had a brand new Big Country park across the street and we decided to walk over and meet the owners and tell them about the Owners club and forum.  We didn’t have to tell them much as they were already familiar with both.  We had a nice chat with them and look forward to getting to know them both better over the next few days.

Today, after not being able to use our DirecTV since we left here in mid August, we had a technician come out to help us figure out the problem.  According to him it was just a matter of not having the dish aimed perfectly.  Seems strange since we tried setting it up in 4 different parks, had several people who had experience try to help and called DTV a couple of times and nothing helped.  However, we do have TV again…so maybe that is the problem.  Michael is looking into purchasing a meter to help with setting up the dish in the future.

We stopped at the VA office in Montgomery today to check on Michael’s claim (filed on May 29th) and didn’t really find out anything new.  There is quite a backlog and hopefully while we are in Texas he will get notified that the VA is making appointments with doctors for him to visit to continue on with the process.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. Cheryl Foster Dyal

    When are y’all planning on being in Texas?

  2. 2psnapod1

    We’ll hit Texas October 1st.

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