Milwaukee Visit & A Move To The North Woods of Wisconsin

Posted by on August 23, 2012

Wow!  Our time in Milwaukee went by so quickly as we were on the go quite a bit but we had a really good stay!

The kids and grandkids all converged on us Tuesday morning.  We grabbed some lunch at a Mongolian BBQ restaurant and then headed to Forest Home Cemetery to find some of my relatives.  (Kelsea & Paityn went to their hotel to check in & take a nap and joined us later for dinner)  We also found a few of the local ‘celebrities’ (mostly beer brewers!) final resting spots too.  It was a gorgeous day and the 2 hours we spent there went fast!  LOL  I was able to find the graves of my father’s mother, stepfather, grandparents & great grandmother – which was a HUGE plus for me.

Cousins reunited

My paternal grandparents grave & our son Zack

Michael is standing just to the right of where the unmarked grave of my 1 day old great uncle was laid to rest in 1907.

Valentin Blatz gravesite

Fredrick Pabst

Jacob Best

We went back to the park and grilled brats & hot dogs for dinner.  Amanda’s sister, Ashley, joined us for dinner so that she could spend some time with Alex too.   After dinner we went over to Dan & Amanda’s hotel and swam for a while, which was fun as Paityn enjoyed being in the pool.  Zack & Dan had swimming races and then tried to see who could get whose face under the water more.  (boys will be boys!) The night before we also went over and swam and Alex joined us in swimming – he LOVED it!  No fear what so ever!

Time with family…priceless

The boys being boys…

Before we left Montgomery I ordered a pair of glasses from Zenni Optical, a website recommended to me by our optometrist.  He wasn’t sure how progressive bifocals would work but I decided to give it a whirl as they were a fraction of the cost.  We normally pay $300 or more for 1 pair of glasses and these came to $44.80 total.  I had them shipped to our sons home and he brought them to me here in Wisconsin.  I have to say that I am extremely impressed!  They’re perfect!  I can see crystal clear!  Check ’em out!  We’ll be ordering a couple more pairs to have as spares!

On Wednesday we all got together for one of our favorite past times….Brewers Baseball!  We bought tickets in the early spring and had a great time!  It was Alice’s first major league baseball game and she really enjoyed herself.  Our poor little Alex had a rough time of it…between u,s we took turns walking him and soothing him.  Paityn did well and even took a nap in my arms (Nana heaven!).

The babies at the game

Yovanni Gallardo

After the game the kids went out for some ‘mama & daddy’ time while Nana & Papaw watched the babies…wow…talk about hard work!  We were both pooped by the end of the night but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

Thursday morning we had an appointment with a photographer to have family pictures taken at Brown Deer Park on the very north side of Milwaukee.  It rained a little bit before we got to the park but stopped before our session started.  The park was as pretty as I remembered it from my childhood.  Our little princess was the one to have a rough time of it this morning so we had a rough time getting her in some of the pictures as she only wanted her mama.  After a while her mama occupied her with a stick and we were able to get, what I think will be, some very cute pictures of her.  I can’t wait to see how the pictures turned out!

From the park we all headed north – Dan, Amanda & us toward Woodruff/Minocqua and Zack and Kelsea toward Wausau with a pitstop in Slinger to have lunch with some old co-workers.  We caravan-ed with D&A and made a stop at Kelly’s Kitchen (truck stop) – put out the slides, made some lunch and chilled out in the coach for a while before hitting the road again.

Dan & Amanda in the lead car

We made it to our destination of Indian Shores Campground about 5:oo and Dan, Amanda & Alex came over for dinner shortly afterward.  They left for their hotel room about 8:30 as Alex (as were the rest of us) was getting sleepy.  We’ve all had a busy couple of days and are all looking forward to sleeping in in the morning!

Indian Shores Campground – site 1502


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