Moving Day!!

Posted by on August 6, 2012

The day we have been eagerly anticipating has arrived!  Moving Day!  We didn’t have too much to do today to head out so we took our time and were pulling out of Capitol City RV Park at 10:54 am.

Nearly ready to hit the road!

Pull test…don’t leave without it!

Adding air to the hitch…

…and away we go!

Good-bye site 2A! Thank you for a good 15 months!

We stopped at Walmart (had to pass it on the way) to get ice, make an exchange and print a few pictures for a project that I’m working on for our family reunion in Wisconsin on the 25th.  Next stop…Subway for lunch…it’s pretty much next door to Walmart!  The road to Ft. Toulouse is about 2 miles off of highway 231 and is a very pretty drive in itself.  We finally pulled into Ft. Toulouse Campground at 12:54 pm…8 miles and 2 hours later!  LOL

Stopped for lunch

The road to Ft. Toulouse

Granted we only moved 8 miles north BUT after being in the same park for 15 months & 9 days (minus a few short excursions) we were ready for a change of scenery!  A change of scenery is certainly what we got!  From an RV park to a campground!  An RV park with a ‘city’ feel too it…very few trees, nearly full to the brim with RVs & no scenery to speak of.  To a small campground with less than a dozen campers (2 of which are hosts), along the Tallapoosa River, large beautiful trees with Spanish moss hanging low, picnic tables & grills at each site.

Gorgeous area

Checking a site for satellite reception

We picked a nice shady spot beneath some majestic walnut trees alongside the river, although we can only see a small glimpse of the river from the coach.  We’ll be back again next month and perhaps we’ll take the site next to us that I think will have a better view of the river…but it doesn’t have quite as much shade or as nice of a driveway.  Hmmm….we’ll see.

Site 33

View of the Tallapoosa river from the site next to ours…next time perhaps…

The rate for a site here is $14 a night and for retired military it is only $11 per night.  The gentleman at the office only charged us $11 a night and said it was the least he could do!  Can’t beat that!  We have water and electric here but no sewer.  Seems they’ve been trying to put sewer in for a number of years (you can see all the pipes lying around) but one of the neighbors have filed a grievance and it has come to a stand still.  We are only here for 4 nights so we can do without sewer – plus we chose a site across from the bathhouse too.


We were set up with power & water and everything inside ready for every day living within an hour of parking.  Michael had a little trouble getting the satellite dish up and running but finally figured out that he had a loose connection.  If not for that, I think the satellite would have been a piece of cake.

The rest of the afternoon we relaxed, watched a few movies we picked up from the RedBox and had some spaghetti for dinner.  (Love my mama’s spaghetti sauce!)

PS.  I drove the truck (pulling the coach) today!  As we were leaving Capitol City RV Park we dropped off some garbage a Michael decided to go into the office to say good-bye.  He’d left the truck and coach parked in the middle of the road so I decided to move it out-of-the-way.  I even had to turn…no straight line this time!  Woohoo!  Go me!

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