Posted by on July 29, 2012

Last night, when returning to the RV park from returning some Redbox movies we were flagged down by our friend, Ricky, who patrols the park in a golf cart throughout the day.  It was quite dark but we could see that he was in his golf cart,  and he was waving his arms at us to stop.  When we got up to him he hollered that he had a rattlesnake trapped under his front drivers side tire and needed help.  Michael got out and with the assistance of the Brightest Flashlight app on my phone could see that the middle of the snake was under the tire with the head was in front of the cart.

Ricky carries a shovel & rake (among other items) on his cart and Michael used the rake to pin the head of the snake while Ricky used a shovel to chop the head of the snake it took awhile – but between the two of them they finally got the snake’s head cut off and he was no longer a threat.  He was about 4 feet long and could have done quite a bit of damage to an unsuspecting walker or pet as it was caught crossing the road in front of the dog park…headed to the dog park.

I have to tell you that I will now be paranoid for quite some time.   I will be looking for snakes everywhere!  I’ll be afraid to sit outside in the dark.  Startle at the slightest rustling.  Jump at shadows.  Ignorance is bliss.  I was completely fine ‘knowing’ that snakes are pretty much everywhere.  However, I DID NOT need to see one in person and so close to my home on top of it!

The snake’s head is behind it….at this point the snake’s body was still moving, it’s rattle rattling….EEK!

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  1. Denise Wilson

    YUCK!!!!, I can deal with the skunks coming around, but let a snake come around and i am terrified…….

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