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Posted by on July 28, 2012

Yesterday we sold another of our remaining items on Craigslist – a Canon PowerShot digital camera that we bought for Michael’s use while he was in Iraq and hasn’t been used since.  We dropped it off with its new owner on our way to Millbrook to watch the play, State Fair at the Millbrook Community Theater.  We also had an appointment to meet with a woman who was interested in purchasing a wrist blood pressure cuff that we have listed on Craigslist as well, but she was a no-show.  It really was no biggie as we were meeting her near the playhouse just before the play.  We have just 2 more items to sell and if they don’t sell soon they will probably be donated to the Maxwell AFB thrift store.

Michael called the ‘repair-dude’ on Thursday and he said he’d be here on Friday at 1:00 pm to replace the defective thermostat on the water heater.  He arrived just before 2:00 pm and was gone by 2:10 pm.  When Mike asked him if he was going to look at the ice maker he told Michael he didn’t have time.  So we are still without a working ice maker…BUT…we finally have a working electric water heater again!  Only took 18 days from the first call to Alabama Motor Coach to completion!  Michael is currently doing some more research regarding the ice maker.  Hopefully, he can figure it out himself (I have faith!) and we won’t have to pay to have it looked at.

We finally made our decision on a state of residency!  We thought we’d made a decision a while ago but changed our minds after looking more in-depth at insurance & registration costs for Texas.  We have friends that use South Dakota and asked them some questions and got good, reliable information.  We also chose a mail service (Mydakotaaddress.com) to use so we will have an official South Dakota address.  This company will act as our agent and get our vehicles registered for us when the time comes without us having to go to South Dakota.  Then when we are in South Dakota next year we will get our drivers licenses switched from Wisconsin to South Dakota.  We just need to have the paperwork notarized (which we’ll do Wednesday morning when we are at Maxwell AFB) and send it off to South Dakota.  So glad that this one is off our list!

We got quite a few small projects done today – we love being able to remove items from our ‘To Do’ list!   Michael was able to get the pin box cover caulked – a fairly easy job that was easily put off.

He also worked on getting our hall shade fixed.  The string that raises and lowers the shade frayed (so it no longer holds the shade in an up position) a few months ago and once again has been put off in lieu of more important things getting done.  Michael ordered the re-stringing kit from Fixmyblinds.com a few months ago.  So excited to have a working shade again!  I love being able to see out of my windows!

Shade & valance removed from window. A fairly easy task.

Restringing the shade

Put shade back together after restringing

Reattaching shade to the wall

Adjusting the tension on the shade (probably the hardest part of the entire process)

Completed project!

Michael’s third project for the day was to install straps (purchased from Heartland RVs) that will hold our electronics equipment (DVR, DVD player & the Xbox 360) in place as we travel.  While he was doing that he cleaned up the cables running back and forth from each component and hooked up the Xbox 360 and Wii).

Preparing cabinet space in entertainment center

TV removed for easier access to connecting cables

Tie down strap installed and secured

We bought a few ‘travel bugs‘ from Geocaching.com to put on the coach and the truck so that we can follow along as people find them and log them on the Geocaching.com website as we travel around the country.  Today I spot-washed the truck & coach so that I could apply the ‘travel bugs’ to the rear of each.  (Both vehicles will be washed from top to bottom before we leave Alabama).  I’m really looking forward to doing some more geocaching and seeing how many ‘finds’ our ‘bugs’ get!

Travel bug placement on the truck

Travel bug placement on the coach

We are still trying to get a hold of the woman at Ft. Benning that we need to meet with to go over Michael’s SBP options.  Between the two of us we left 3 messages this last week and have not received a return call…so very frustrating.  I guess he (not me, because the SOLDIER has to call her) will just have to continue to call and leave messages a couple of times a day.

Today we also worked on filling out an online form to update our wills and get an updated Power of Attorney made for me.  The wills we currently have were made MANY years ago (20+) and we’d like to make sure they’re up-to-date now that our children are grown and we have grandchildren.  We can get them done at Maxwell AFB free of charge.  Conveniently they have an online worksheet that when completed goes directly to the legal office on Maxwell, then all we have to do is call them and set up an appointment to go over the forms and complete our wills.

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