Posted by on July 24, 2012

A day of errands.  We are now a one vehicle family since we sold the van last month we have to ‘share’ the truck.  I drove Michael to work this morning (he had to be in by 7:00 am – a little earlier than his usual 7:30 am) so that I could use the truck to run a few errands.

First stop was the Maxwell Clinic for an appointment that was originally scheduled for last week Thursday but was rescheduled for today because Major Stohler was over an hour behind when I got there for my 9:20 am appointment and I had to pick Michael up at 11:30 am.  Today’s appointment was at 11:20 and I finally got out of the clinic about 1:00 pm after meeting with Major Stohler, stopping and making an appointment for a mammogram and turning in my prescriptions at the pharmacy.

Next I treated myself to lunch at Hibachi Sushi Supreme Buffet.  I had a nice relaxing lunch while I read my Kindle (have I told you how much I love my Kindle??)  I took my time and was in no hurry to get going.

After lunch I did my grocery shopping at the Commissary on Gunter Annex.  I was in and out within about 45 minutes and was on my way home with my groceries when Michael called and asked me to pick him up so that he could go and pay the hotel and restaurant bills from drill this last weekend.  (The soldiers that live over 60 miles away are put up in a hotel and since there are no cooks in the unit the Army sets up meals at an area restaurant)

We got home just about 4:30 pm.  Michael is still working on sorting through his paperwork and will soon have it completed.  (Yay!).  I made a quick dinner (beef & gravy over mashed potatoes with a cucumber salad) and ‘chilled’ for the rest of the evening.

No repairman (that I know of) today…perhaps tomorrow??

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