Price Increase, No Show (again!) & Sinking In

Posted by on July 23, 2012

Jonah, one of the workers here at Capitol City RV Park came by with a notice this morning that as of August 1st fees will be going up:

Nightly:  $32 per night to $35

Weekly:  $140 per week to $150

Monthly:  $450 per month to $490

Looks like we are moving just in time!  We’ll be pulling out of here 2 weeks from today to spend 4 nights at Ft. Toulouse Campground.  We’re looking forward to new views!  Woohoo!

Hmmmm….Our no-show repairman has no-showed again.  Should I be surprised???  It’s a good thing we’re not in a huge hurry.  But he better have everything completed before we leave here on August 6th!  Sheesh!

Michael has been putting in some long hours the last few days (4-10+ hour days in a row) on top of working 11 days straight makes for a very tired Michael.  I also think that reality is starting to sink in.  E.g.  after nearly 30 years of service he will no longer be attached to the Army at the hip, our income level will substantially drop, we have quite a few items on our list that need to be completed, no contact from the VA yet, etc.  I had a couple of days of being overwhelmed a few weeks ago and I guess now it’s his turn.  Thankfully we don’t have these days together!   Neither of us have slept well the last few nights but he had an especially rough night last night so I’m hoping he sleeps better tonight…he needs it.

2 Responses to Price Increase, No Show (again!) & Sinking In

  1. Larry Bandstra

    Don’t you just hate price increases??? I know SC is the wrong direction but if you need your water heater fixed, swing by and we will take care of it for you.

    • 2psnapod1

      I don’t mind price increases that don’t affect me! LOL

      What a sweetheart! We’d love to ‘swing’ by…although this guy WILL get this fixed before we leave this park! Darn it!

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