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Posted by on July 20, 2012

Michael continues with PT after having shoulder surgery on May 8th.  They are currently working with him on regaining his strength so he goes to PT 3 days a week right now.  Next week he is re-evaluated to see how he is progressing.  He seems to be doing very well, in my opinion.  Although there are days where he still tends to overdo and is sore by bedtime.

Michael dropped by the VA office here in Montgomery today to give them our change of address (our youngest sons in NY) and to give them our itinerary until just after the 1st of the year.  He was told when he went there last week that they would work with his itinerary to schedule any appointments that need to be made.  His claim was filed May 29th but we still have yet to have had any contact by the VA.

Michael has been sifting through mountains of paperwork that he has acquired over the years – all pertaining to the Army.  Orders, Awards, promotions, medical information, you name it!  Some of it is originals, some copies.  Some needed, some not.  Michael is a ‘keeper’.  His thought is that someday you might need it…mine is if you haven’t needed it in 10 years…you probably don’t.  Of course there are exceptions to that rule!  He is slowly getting through his box – keeping some that MAY be used in the future and taking some to the Reserve Center to shred.

The remainder of the box of paperwork

Another stack to be gone through…

The water heater guy was supposed to be back today to put the new part in the water heater, fix the ice maker and attach the shower door handles.  Once again, he was a no-show.  I have to tell you that I am not real impressed with this guy.  This is 4 times now that he was supposed to be here and has not shown up.  He does not call to say that he will not be able to make…just doesn’t come.  Definitely not the way I’d want to run my business.

Capitol City RV Park (our current park of residence) does a pretty darn good business.  There are a lot of  ‘permanent’ folks that stay here but there are a lot of people who stop for a day or two or a week or two.  Today we had an Open Range that has been across from us since about March leave.  But just a few short hours later a Springdale pulled in on the other side of us!  I’m envious!  We are so ready to go!  Luckily we’ve been able to pull in and out several times since we’ve been here or we’d be stir crazy by now!

On a good note….we paid for our last 2 weeks here the other day!  We’ll be moving on, August 6th, to a small campground not far from here until we hit the road on August 10th.  Woohoo!

On an even better note…I received confirmation from Drifters RV Park in Rockport, Texas today.  I’d made our reservation with them back in February and they are now emailing all of their winter Texans confirming their reservations and letting them know that they are looking forward to their arrival.  We’ll be staying there just over 5 weeks  (December 6 – January 14) and we’re really looking forward to exploring the area!

Tonight, for dinner, I tried a new recipe recommended to me by my daughter-in-law, Kelsea, Chicken & White Cheddar Spaghetti.  It was very good & fairly easy to make which equals a ‘do again’ recipe!

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