The Waiting Game…

Posted by on July 19, 2012

It’s been a rather quiet week.  I’ve been waiting all week for the repairman from Alabama Motor Coach to install the needed part for the water heater.  He was here last Wednesday  to diagnose the problem and had to order the part.  He stopped by on Monday to let me know that the part wasn’t in but he’d be back on Tuesday to finish the job.  (Tuesday is my normal grocery day so I put it off until Wednesday).  He never showed on Tuesday or Wednesday morning and I told Michael I was going shopping that afternoon no matter what.  Michael called the guy and found that he was filling in at Alabama Motor Coach (he works for them part-time and also runs his own repair business) and wouldn’t be by Wednesday afternoon either but he’d come by on Thursday.  He finally showed up about 3:00 pm today and still didn’t have the part (apparently Alabama Motor Coach forgot to order the part) but had a used part that he put on so that we could quit using propane.  He should be back tomorrow or Saturday – we’ll see.

He also took a quick look at our ice maker and found a leak outside that he was able to stop and is letting it dry out in there before he looks anymore.  I noticed a small amount of water in the drawer under the refrigerator a couple of days ago and it seems that it might have come from the ice maker leak.  Hmmm…. I sure will be glad when my water heater & ice maker work again.  I’m getting frustrated!

We’re slowly getting ready to hit the road.  Our first trip will be to Wisconsin for the Wisconsin Rally and a family reunion.  We’ll be meeting both of our sons and their families in Milwaukee and then traveling north for the reunion.  I can hardly wait!  Our granddaughter, Paityn, will be 18 months on the 1st of August and our grandson, Alex, will be 8 months on the 20th of August.  We haven’t seen Paityn since she was 9 months old and she has changed SO much!  She is now a walking, talking bundle of energy!  We were able to visit Alex in May, but again, he’s changed so much, becoming more demanding and independent!  I’m hoping he’ll be sitting up on his own by the time we seem him…he’s already doing pretty good so it shouldn’t be much of a stretch!

Michael has his last drill weekend EVER to work this weekend!  It seems to be getting harder and harder for him to keep his mind focused on the Army.  Most days I have to herd him out the door because he just doesn’t want to go.  He is slowly handing over his duties to others that will be taking them on.  His replacement isn’t due to arrive until October now, as he asked for and was granted an extension at his current duty station.  It makes it a little harder on those that will have to do Michael’s duties (plus their own) until his replacement arrives.  Luckily, Michael’s supervisor, 1LT Reeves is capable of taking over.

Only 15 more days in the office!

Only 22 days until we hit the road!

Only 33 days until I’m holding my grandbabies!

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