Redstone Arsenal RV Park – Huntsville, AL (Day 1)

Posted by on July 12, 2012

We arrived in the rain and it continued to rain all night – nothing torrential – just a light to medium rain, for a good ground soaking.  Looking at the radar we’re in for rain all through the day (and for the next 10 days too!)

Home Sweet Home…in Huntsville, AL

We had plans to do some ‘touristy’ things today but most are outside and with the rain we decided to forego them and see how things play out…maybe we’ll get them in on Saturday.

We took a drive into Huntsville and stopped at the Visitor’s Center and talked with a very nice woman who gave us lots of literature and discount coupon for the places we wanted to visit around the city.

On our way to the Visitor’s Center we drove by the Space & Rocket Center.  We drove through the RV park there and were glad that we had decided to stay here instead.  The campground is small and tight.  The roads are in pretty bad shape and the sites didn’t look very level. ( Thanks again, Rana!)  We also drove around the Space Center itself and it really made me look forward to visiting tomorrow!

The rockets in the rocket park outside the Space & Rocket Center

I had packed us a lunch and after leaving the Visitor’s Center we parked by Big Spring Park and ate our lunch in the truck while it rained.  It’s a pretty little park with beautiful water features occupied by lots of ducks.  Sure wish it would have been nice out so we could have had our lunch on one of the park benches around the water.

Big Spring Park – our view as we enjoyed our picnic lunch from inside the truck

From there we drove to the historic district and took a driving tour of some of the beautiful antebellum homes.  We had picked up a brochure at the Visitor’s Center that pointed out many of the historic homes and buildings in the area, many of which were built in the early to mid 1800s.  We both enjoy old architecture so this was a great way to spend part of our day.

By mid afternoon the rain had slowed enough for us to attempt one of our ‘outdoor’ activities.  Wade’s Garden is the yard of a 74-year-old man who’s had three strokes and started sculpting.  The yard is full of greenery and sculptures…actually pretty cool stuff!  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet Wade.  🙁

Flowers sculpted from shovels!

Blue Bottle Tree

Various ‘art’

Shortly after we got home we grilled some burgers and since the rain had stopped we decided to enjoy dinner on the patio.  With the temperature around 73ish we were in heaven!  70s?  In Alabama?  In July???  Ha!  Unfortunately it only lasted about an hour and we had to move inside because it started to sprinkle again.

Yay for enjoying dinner outside!

All in all….a darn good day!

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