Shoulder Surgery

Posted by on May 8, 2012

Got to the Montgomery Surgical Clinic just before 8:00 am (received a call yesterday to come an hour later today) and Michael was taken back to pre-op about 8:30 and then they had me come back about 8:45 to keep him company until they took him down for surgery.

The anesthesiologist came about 9:30 and inserted a nerve block and gave Michael some meds to relax him.  Talk about relaxing!  Wow…the guy was a loon…he even told me he was ‘hooey….looey’…meaning hooey hooey.  He slept for about 30 minutes after that and I had to wake him up when the surgeon came in to see him – he marked his right shoulder (a common practice these days).  They came to take him to the OR about 10:15 and a short 60 minutes later Dr. Curtis came out to the waiting room to let me know how he did. I managed to read some useful stuff about recovery process. See here about chiropractic care to get the relief you need.

Out cold…before surgery!

Rt shoulder marked

He had a small rotator cuff tear that he repaired, quite a bit of arthritis built up in the acromioclavicular joint (AC joint) that he scraped off the joint and he also mentioned something about the clavicle but I don’t quite remember what it was!

They had me come back to the recovery room about 20 minutes later and Michael was semi-awake.  The effects of the anesthesia stayed with him for quite a while as he asked me some of the same questions about 3 times (which I answered each time) and he still doesn’t remember most of that time.  He gave me quite a few good giggles!

We left the clinic shortly after 1:00 pm and were home about 1:30 pm.  The nerve block has made it so that he can not feel his arm at all (similar to having your arm fall asleep) – which makes things a bit uncomfortable but he has no pain at this point (good stuff!).  He has a pump that automatically forces pain meds into his system and will continue to until sometime on Thursday.

Time to go home!

He has an appointment to start physical therapy at O’Grady Orthopaedics tomorrow afternoon and an appointment to see Dr. Curtis Monday morning.  No work until he sees the doctor and he has a chance to evaluate him.

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  1. Karen Miller Halvorsen

    Glad that everything went well.. It is amazing what the Dr.s can do these days…

  2. John Krussow

    Michael we’re happy that all went well with the surgery and that you are on the road to recovery.

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