4 Days To Myself…

Posted by on May 3, 2012

We were awake at 5:00 am – Michael got up and showered and I stayed in bed until 5:30.  I made breakfast, did the dishes, checked my email & FB and made the bed before 7:00 am!

Michael left for work a little earlier than usual as he had quite a bit to do at the office before he left for Ft. Rucker.  He will be there until Sunday.  The soldiers are going to the weapons range this weekend and Michael will be overseeing what goes on.  Since he is winding down and preparing for retirement he will be trying to let others do the majority of the work  while still being there to assist, advise and answer questions.

I spent part of yesterday and today working on our menu for May 12 – June 8.  I’ve been creating a menu (at first just dinner – now breakfast, lunch & dinner) for close to 19 years and it’s just become second nature at this point.  It really helps keep the grocery bill down as I know exactly what I need.

I FINALLY took the time to clean house today!  Vacuuming, dusting, bathroom…ahhhh…feels good to have a nice clean home again.  It can get away from you so easily!  Now I can ‘play’ the rest of the day!

It’s been raining since last night – at some times coming down in sheets!  According to the Weather Channel it will be raining for the next few days.  Ugh.  My plan is to wash the van inside and out tomorrow and get it listed on Craigslist.  Gotta get her sold soon – time is running out!

I started reading the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay last night…the rain today will make it the perfect time to do a little extra reading!

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