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Switching Out Switches

We’ve had a wonderfully quiet day! We dropped the truck off at Performance Truck & Auto Accessories about 10:00 am and it should be ready sometime tomorrow afternoon as they are really busy right now.  Which is fine by us as we don’t need it right now anyway. I listed the van on Craigslist on … Continue reading »

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Back To The Routine

Our first morning home and we were woke up by the ringing of Michael’s phone at 6:59 am.  Someone looking for PFC Barnett (demoting Michael by 4 ranks!  ha!) was looking to have some weapons returned that they lent to Michael’s company for the Best Warrior Competition in April.  No sense going back to sleep … Continue reading »

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Home Sweet Home

A long day…but we’re home!  We left Dan & Amanda’s house at 6:00 am and Amanda dropped us off at La Guardia about 6:45 am.  We breezed through security and had a short wait before boarding the airplane about 7:25.  Our flight was supposed to take off at 8:00 am but our pilot was late … Continue reading »

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Last Days in New York

Our last two days in New York have been quiet & relaxing.  We have been here 10 days and the time has gone very quickly.  Alex has learned to do new things while we’ve been here and we have enjoyed our time with him so much!  His biggest achievement was this morning – rolling from … Continue reading »

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A Day in Central Park

I forgot to mention that I drove for the very first time in New York yesterday!  Michael is usually my chauffeur but with his shoulder being out of commission I’ve been doing the driving.  If you’ve never been to Long Island…wow!  It’s one congested mess!  One ‘city/town’ blends into the mess, there are cars everywhere, … Continue reading »

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Happy Anniversary!

Today Michael and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary.  We were married at ages 19 and 21 just 2 1/2 months after we met.  We have 2 grown sons that we are more than proud of, 2 beautiful daughters-in-law that are like our own and 2 beautiful, healthy grandchildren.  We still enjoy spending most of … Continue reading »

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Sheepshead, Fire Island & Visitors

We ended our night last night with a game of Sheepshead (shafkopf being the German word), which Dan clobbered us all in.  Sheepshead is an old German card game that my side of the family has been playing for YEARS and thankfully has been passed down to my sons and their wives and hopefully will be … Continue reading »

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We’ve had a relatively quiet few days here in New York.  We are very much enjoying spending time with our son and his family…especially Alex, our 5 month old grandson.  He is such a funny baby!  He loves to play under his ”jungle gym’ with his toys…and he gets SO loud!  One would think that … Continue reading »

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A Prince, Hurricane’s, & Ducks

A great day to be a Nana!  Prince Alex’s mama had to work today (she’s a gymnastics coach for kids) and we let daddy sleep in.  For a few hours it was just Nana, Papaw & Big Al.  He’s such a good little boy and very alert for 5 months (tomorrow) old.  He sat with … Continue reading »

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New York!

Hello from West Babylon, New York!  We had an uneventful flight.  We drove to Atlanta and flew to La Guardia.  We took off about 40 minutes past our scheduled departure time.  apparently, something happened to our original flight crew and they had to call in a pilot and co-pilot and we were waiting for the … Continue reading »

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