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On The Move: Capitol City RV Park to Engineer Beach RV Park

Ahhh!  I slept late today…8:15!  Boy did that feel good.  Unfortunately, Michael left the house about 5:30 am so that he could get some work finished before the soldiers started showing up for drill.  I KNOW he’s looking forward to next Friday when he can sleep in. I had the coach pretty much ready to … Continue reading »

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Preparing to Move!

We are preparing to move tomorrow.  Michael has to work at Ft. Rucker for the next 6 days (Best Warrior Competition) and then we are going to a Heartland rally in Gulf Shores, Alabama so we decided to take the coach to Ft. Rucker and stay at the FamCamp (Engineer Beach RV Park). We are … Continue reading »

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Another Retirement Appointment Scheduled & More Cropping

60 days left to work! 114 days left until we hit the road!  Yes, we’re counting!  Wouldn’t you? This morning Michael finally got a hold of a Mr. Fields with the Veteran’s Affairs office at Ft. Benning.  (He’d been trying to get a hold of him since April 3, when we went to the Pre-Retirement … Continue reading »

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Biscuits Baseball!

It rained last night – but thankfully I was able to grill a couple of filets for dinner first!  It’s been so humid the last few days that we ended up closing the coach up and turning on the air conditioning.  Temperature hasn’t been much higher than 80 but when it’s humid in Alabama…it’s HUMID! … Continue reading »

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Bowls, Cropping & A Captain In Our Future?

It’s been pretty quiet with not much to report. The bowls that I made for our youngest son, Dan, have been re-fired and they look a little better but I’m still not real happy with the color of the ‘Grape Raisin’ – wanted a better coverage but looks like this is what I’m gonna get. … Continue reading »

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Meanwhile…Back at Home-Base

After a whirl wind weekend in Atlanta we are back at home-base Montgomery and beginning a new week.  Michael went back to work and is busy preparing for next weeks ‘Best Warrior’ competition and I worked on my regular household chores and am beginning to think about what needs to be done for us to … Continue reading »

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Long, Hot Day & Our Boys Lost Again

We slept til 8:15 so that we had time to get ready to meet Kenneth, Cheryl & K.O for breakfast in the hotel ‘clubhouse’.  Michael had time to enjoy a leisurely soak in the bathtub while I checked my email & FB before we needed to leave for breakfast.  Unfortunately, our time with the Dyal’s went … Continue reading »

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Atlanta, Friends & the Milwaukee Brewers!

We left home about 7:30 am this morning and headed to Atlanta.  We made it to Ikea in about 3 hours and had fun checking the store out.  Half way through the store had lunch at the Ikea restaurant and enjoyed our Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes & lingonberries!  After lunch we continued on to the next floor … Continue reading »

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Hail & Farewell & Spam

So I thought I was going to be all ‘high-techish’ and schedule yesterday’s blog to post by itself!  I got up this morning and found that I had never clicked on ‘schedule’!  Geesh!  Sometimes I just gotta shake my head and wonder about me. I made a banana pudding right away this morning so that … Continue reading »

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Scanning, Shopping & Little Women

My picture scanning project has been on the back burner for a few weeks (March 15th to be exact!) so today I made the trek to Walmart and did some more scanning.  I scanned for almost 3 hours but wasn’t able to finish as I had other things I had to do but I will … Continue reading »

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