Ft. Benning & Dinner With Friends

Posted by on April 30, 2012

Up WAY too early this morning!  Michael had an appointment in Ft. Benning at 11:00 am (they’re an hour ahead of us so it would be 10:00 am our time) to meet with Mr. Brown.  We dropped a copy of Michael’s medical records of with Mr. Brown on April 3rd for him to go over.  Mr Brown goes through the records and helps determine what Michael should claim for VA benefits.  He has no say in determining any percentage of disability but is there to assist us with the process.

Before we could head to Ft. Benning we had to stop at the reserve center so that Michael could order some ammo for next weekends drill (he’ll be back at Ft Rucker again!)  We got to the reserve center shortly after 6:00 am and he had his work done by 6:45 am.  It was a nice quick stop and our trip to Ft. Benning took a little longer than expected as we missed a turn but made it to our 11:00 am est appointment in plenty of time.

Our appointment with Mr. Brown lasted about an hour.  He went over the items that he found in Michael’s records that should be re-evaluated by a physician to determine whether or not they would qualify for a VA disability.  Michael filled out a few forms and was given a packet.  Mr. Brown sent us over to the building 2751 (Dept of Veterans Affairs) to speak with Mr. Fields and get a form to complete before we return next week for our appointment with Mr. Fields.  The people there sent us over to the Consolidated Troop Medical Clinic to speak with Mr. Wilkes and to get the form that Mr. Brown sent us for.  We finally got the correct form at this stop along with an additional form to fill out and bring back with us next week.

Bldg 2751 - Department of Veteran's Affairs

On our way off of Ft. Benning we stopped at Uchee Creek Campground (Ft. Benning’s FamCamp) to check on our reservation for September when Michael out-processes and to check to make sure that they had sites large enough to fit our 40 foot 6 inch coach.  We were pleasantly surprised by the campground and will quite easily be able to make it our ‘home’ for a few days!  As we drove through the park we came across a deer that was not afraid of us at all…let me get as many pictures as I wanted and still stood there as we left.

Not-so-shy deer

We had plans to go out to dinner with Jim & Nancy Beletti, who arrived at our park today after leaving Gulf State Park this morning.  They’re heading to the rally in Pine Mountain, Georgia that is next weekend.  We had a pleasant surprise when we saw a Greystone pull into the park shortly before Jim & Nancy got here and realized it was Wyndy & Pat, a couple we met at the rally this last weekend.  They live in northern Alabama and decided to stop for a few nights.  They joined us   for dinner at Jim & Nick’s and we had a really good time chatting over dinner.

Michael, Kelly, Pat, Wyndy, Nancy & Jim

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