Gulf Shores Rally – Day 2

Posted by on April 28, 2012

We met Jim & Nancy B at 9:30 and went for breakfast at Island Pancake House.  I had eggs benedict while everyone else had pancakes and eggs.  We were each pleasantly surprised by the food….it was pretty good!  Jim even did I review for it giving it 4 out of 5 stars.  I would have to say that it was a bit pricey at $38 (including tip) for breakfast for 2.

Mike & I with Jim & Nancy Beletti

After breakfast we left Nancy (she was going shopping with some other women) and Michael, Jim and I headed about 25 miles west on the peninsula to Fort Morgan.  The remnants of the fort that has been there were since 1833 were pretty cool.  It was interesting to see where all the old ‘guns’ were placed and how they actually worked.  With Michael’s military background we got a little more information that others viewing the area might not have – but that was nice.  With the fort being right on the water we walked down to the beach and Jim and I even dipped our toes into Mobile Bay!

Michael & Jim at the entrance to Ft Morgan

We ran into Dottie & Kim Miranda at the fort!

Jim & I dipping our toes in the cool water

On our way back to the park we stopped at TCBY and got ice cream – a treat!  When we got back to the house Jim had to get ready for a meeting he was having with the 3 chapter leaders that are here while Michael and I decided to sit on the patio and enjoy the fresh air.  While we were there we had several visitors stop by to chat.  Gerry (from Michigan) stopped by first and then we had Kim (from Florida) and Eric (from Virginia) stop and chat for a while.  We also had Wayne (from Alabama) stop briefly.

Gerry Atkinson - showing off his Tigers pride!

Eric Van Opstal & Kim Miranda

Wayne 'Howsyomamanem' Cooper

Gerry, Eric, Dorothy, Kim & Michael

Eric gave us a lesson on the microwave vent. It's supposed to be opened and closed! Who knew?? (not us...or Gerry for that matter!)

After Jim’s meeting broke up Jay (from Texas) stopped by to give me some information about the Galveston area as he grew up in the area and is an EXPERT on the area!  Jay and I have been chatting back and forth via the internet (FB & our blogs) for a while and it was wonderful to meet him in person at this rally.  I’m really looking forward to spending more time with he and Stella as they are really our kind of people!

We had to meet by the amphitheater at 6:00 pm for a group picture and had dinner afterward.  Hogan and Donna had dinner catered in – bbq pork, beef & chicken! Plus all the trimmings, cole slaw, 2 kinds of potato salad, baked beans, cheese cake!  Once again it was a wonderful meal and we had great conversation at our table.

Waiting for everyone to gather for the group picture

Waiting for the group picture

When we got back to our site we decided to take a walk around the loop…and of course a 10 minute walk turned in to an hour and a half.  We stopped and chatted with John & Noel Whitney for a while and while we were there Nita & Bette stopped by and then Hogan & Gerry stopped by and then Jim stopped.  We finally decided to mosey on and after a short distance we stopped and chatted with Wyndy Broome & Pat Watrol for a little bit.  Before wearing out our welcome we moved on around the loop some more only to stop at Nita & Wayne’s place where they were watching the NASCAR race with Lou, Bette, Terry & Ann.  We only stayed a few minutes before heading on…our last chat session was with Stella Coffman, who was watering her puppies for the last time for the night.

Unfortunately, we have to leave our Heartland friends tomorrow and go back to the world of reality (for now).  We have such a good time and enjoy the company of all of the people we meet at these rally’s and can’t wait for the day that we don’t have to be the last to arrive and the first to go home.  Several of our friends are staying a few more days and we can’t wait to be able to join them!

The Cooper's & the Dick's

The Whitney's, the Beletti's & Wyndy & Pat

The Worth's & the Olvany's

The Volden's, the Miranda's and a couple we adopted that own a Sundance but didn't know about the Heartland Club but happened to be at the campground!

The Coffman's, the Meridith's and the Yocum-Hancock's

The Barnett's, the Mansolino's & the Atkinson's

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