Gulf Shores Rally – Day 1

Posted by on April 27, 2012

I apologize for a very lengthy post – but rally’s are so full of FUN it’s hard to minimize it!

I woke up WAY too early and couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up and checked email, FB…you know, that urgent stuff.  Then I prepared our dish for the potluck this evening, 7-Layer Salad.  As I was finishing up making the salad Michael got    and ate some breakfast before heading out the door to go down 3 sites to Hogan & Donna Cooper’s to watch a demonstration.

The demonstration at 10:00 am was done by Bob Mansolino on ‘How To Lube Your Axle Bearings’.  Bob is a great guy originally from Long Island and he loves to tell us that he has ‘connections’.  I stopped by for a few minutes to take some pictures.  I’m sure Bob made the demonstration unique.  They had a good turn out for his demo and Michael came home and said that he could do that!  However…he’ll need MORE tools!  Ugh!

Axle Lubing Demo - by Bob Mansolino


While Michael was off with the men folk I finished up a few chores and had a couple of visitors.  Nita Cooper & Bette Dick stopped by to drop of a ‘thank you’ gift from Nita & Wayne.  Michael and I had picked up a few items at Ikea in Atlanta for them a few weeks ago (April 14) and Nita, being the lovely southern lady she is, just didn’t think saying ‘thank you’ was enough!  AND….she wrapped it in Brewers colors!


Since the guys were having a few demos, we ladies decided to go over to the activity center to play some games and enjoy some snacks in the air conditioning.  We had about 9 ladies show up and we had a really good time!  We had two tables playing Rummikub.  I learned some new terminology from a couple of these southern woman (as did a few of the others!).  Do you know what Nabs are?  What about step-ins?  What do you pack your lunch in??

Left to right: Ann A., Nita C., Bonnie M., & Dorothy V.

Left to right: Bette D., Ann O., Barb M., & I don't know 🙁

We finished playing about 2:00 and came on back to our respective coaches.  Several of the men and a few women were gathered across from our coach at Mickey & Bonnie’s coach for a discussion on boon-docking.  There was no shade to be had so they’d set up several umbrellas to help provide a little shade.  I found Michael right where I knew he’d be…hiding under and umbrella, basking in the shade!  I only stayed a short while before I headed home to relax for a little while.

Boon-docking Discussion by Mickey Meridith


Michael seeking shelter under Bob 'the enforcers' umbrella

Michael and I decided to take a short walk around our Heartland loop.  A walk that should have taken about 15 minutes tops – took us well over an hour and a half!  But it was a great hour and a half as it was spent chatting with Heartland folks every now and then!  Ahhhh….you just can’t beat a Heartland rally!

We had a potluck dinner at 6:25 pm in the activity center and  as always, there was tons of food and it was all SO good!  Potlucks are just one of the best inventions, ever!  We enjoyed lots of good conversation and lots of laughs too!

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  1. Anita-Wayne Cooper

    Great blog post, can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. Having so much fun and so glad to get to spend some time with you and Michael again.

    • 2psnapod1

      Ha! Thank you! But I think you’ll be able to experience in real life what happens tomorrow without reading our blog!

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