Best Warrior – Day 3

Posted by on April 25, 2012

Last night was an even later night for Michael than we had expected.  The night land nav competition was supposed to end about 11:00 pm and then they were suppose to have a meeting afterward to go over the days events so we figured he’d be home around midnight or so.

I read until 11:00 pm and then woke about midnight thinking that he’d be home any time.  At 12:45 am I decided to call and make sure that Michael was ok (my over active imagination was at work!)  1LT Reeves answered Michael’s phone and said that they’d been out searching for one of the competitors (he’d gotten lost on the land nav course) and had just found him and Michael was out locking a gate.  He said he’d have him call me when he got back and I told him no need to have him call that I was just getting worried and now that I knew he was ok…all was good.

I tried to go back to sleep and dozed on and off (but mostly off) and tossed and turned.  The time continued to slip away and by 2:00 am my worries were back in full swing again!  By 2:15 am I tried calling Michael’s cell phone and got a recording about the user’s phone not  available or something of that sort…not his voicemail…just this weird message.  If my mind wasn’t in overdrive before – it sure was then!  I just knew how tired he must be (he’d been going since 3:30 am) and the campground is down several long and curvy roads…ugh!

By 2:50 am I was so beside myself I had to get up.   My plan was to look up the hotel that the other soldiers that are here from Montgomery were staying at and to get a hold of 1LT Reeves and find out if he knew where Michael was.  (You can be sure that from today forward I will have 1LT Reeves on my cell phone!)  I had just gotten out to the living room when I got a text message….and thankfully it was from Michael!  All it said was ‘OMW’ (his short hand for ‘on my way’) but that was plenty!  He got home a few minutes after 3:00 am, took a shower and we were in bed just before 3:30 am.  (He’d just pulled a 24 hour shift!)  His alarm went off at 6:15 am and he was out the door by 6:30 am.  Ugh…I guess that’s the kind of stuff soldiers are made of…but wow….I’m really glad that this soldier thing is almost over!

Today’s portion of the Best Warrior competition involves the pistol range and a 10k ruck march and after dinner this evening there is supposed to be a ‘mystery event’.  It’ll be interesting to find out what the mystery turns out to be.  Michael thought that today would be an earlier day…but one thing I’ve learned as an Army wife…is never to count on anything!  I don’t expect to see him before 10:00 pmish.  Earlier would be nice so that he could get some sleep.

It was a busy, busy day for Michael so I took a bucket of chicken and the fixings from KFC to him and made sure there was enough for anyone else that couldn’t get away for lunch.  He was so busy that he couldn’t get away to pick up some supplies (Tylenol, Ibuprofen & Gold Bond) for the soldiers after they finished their 10k ruck march so I went back into Ozark and picked those items up and took them back to Michael.  At that point he was hoping that they’d be done sometime after dinner (per Command Sergeant Major Hatchell) – but I’m not holing my breath…I’m still not expecting him til late.

Going back to work....

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