Best Warrior – Day 1

Posted by on April 23, 2012

Up at 6:15 am again today to get Michael off to work by 7:30 am.  It was chilly again this morning – great CAMPING weather!  We ‘made’ a fire again and I even put a pair of socks on my feet (if you know me…this is quite unusual!)  to warm them up!  I spent the morning working on paperwork; sorting, filing, organizing etc.

I packed a lunch of sandwiches, potato salad, cucumber salad, chips and bananas and drove over to the Reserve Center here on Ft. Rucker about noon and had lunch with my very favorite soldier (Zack, you’re a VERY close second!).  On my drive over to the Reserve Center I took some pictures of Ft. Rucker I thought I’d share.

SFC Michael Barnett - soon to be RETIRED!

Lots of military vehicles

One of about 12 houses in this little housing area for Colonel's, one Chief Warrant Officer and one Major General - very nice homes

This pool is in the enlisted housing area and gorgeous!

This is the clubhouse by the pool...looks like a posh resorts clubhouse. Nice to see that the housing conditions for the enlisted are improving!

Ft. Rucker is the training ground for Army helicopter pilots so we’ve had several helicopter’s (Blackhawk’s & Apache’s mostly) fly overhead here at the campground.  I’m hoping to get a picture of two before we leave.  The Reserve Center that Michael is spending a lot of his time at is right next to a Chinook training area so there are a bunch of them lined up on the tarmac.  As I was driving up today there was one that was practicing taking off and landing….he’d hover for a bit…go up a bit…come down a bit…hover some more and then do it all over again!  He eventually took off and didn’t come back while I was still there – but I got pictures!

Chinook straight ahead - hovering!

Still hovering....but higher now

...and away they go!

Today is the day that the soldiers that are competing in the Best Warrior competition arrived so the day was spent in-processing and weighing in.  Michael’s job for this project is mainly to supervise and make sure that everything flows smoothly.  He also does a lot of running around – picking up equipment, checking to make sure that things are set up as they should be, taking soldiers here or there.

I’ve been ‘thinking’ about our upcoming travels some more and know that we will be trying to hit the Hershey, Pennsylvania area in September 2013 as there is a large RV Show there and a lot of Heartlanders attend…a good way to meet some of our northeast Heartland family!  We also know that we plan to be in the Long Island area around that time too…so it was natural for us to hit the show!  While in that area we plan to hit Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Main, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey & Delaware as well!  We’ve both always wanted to hit the New England states and now we’ll be able to!  Always looking for suggestions for things to see and do in the areas that we travel to so if you have any favorites – PLEASE – let me know!

Michael ‘stopped by’ for dinner (Chicken & dumplings) about 5:00 pm, relaxed a bit, checked FB, email, and the Heartland Forum and was off again by 6:30 pm.  They had a meeting with all the soldiers participating in the competition to go over how things were going to play out.  He got home about 9:15 pm – making it a 13 hour day for him.  This was a fairly easy one though…the next 2 days will be the loooonnnggg ones (he has to be at the PT (physical training) field at 4:30 am.  Ugh!  Guess who’s not making breakfast for who in the morning??

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