Busy, Busy

Posted by on March 29, 2012

Our day got a very early start on Wednesday.  About a month ago I called the Maxwell AFB clinic to make eye doctor appointments for both Michael and myself and the earliest we could get in was today at 7:15 am and 7:30 am.  So we sucked it up and we out of the house by 6:30 am, grabbed a breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s and were to the clinic by 7:00 am (supposed to report 15 minutes early).  My eyes haven’t changed much so I won’t need new glasses this year but Michael’s have changed just enough to warrant new glasses – so we’ll be ordering new glasses for him soon.  I have problems with allergies affecting my eyes (watering & burning) so the doctor made sure that the prescription for my eye drops was up to date and that I have plenty of refills to last me for a while.

I dropped Michael off at work and continued on to the Wetumpka Wal-Mart where I planned to scan some more pictures onto disc and pick up a few items that we needed.  Unfortunately, when I got to the Electronics department I found out that the scanner was out-of-order and that they were waiting for a technician to come and repair it and didn’t know how long it would be before it was up and running again.  I was really looking forward to getting some scanning done as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it won’t be long before it is all complete!  So I just picked up the few items on my list and headed home.

Since Michael didn’t have a vehicle at work I picked him up and we went out for lunch.  We went to one of our favorites, Peyton’s Place and enjoyed it as much as always.

After taking Michael back to work I headed over to the south-east side of Montgomery to do some shopping at the East Chase shopping area.  After finishing up my shopping at East Chase I went over to Gunter to the commissary to do my weekly grocery shopping and then to pick Michael up again at the end of his work day.

Michael took off early today so that he could call the 3G Store regarding our inability to connect to the internet via our router (for nearly a week).  After the customer rep had Michael try various things that found that for some reason or other our router was no longer recognizing our internet card and the reset button was messed up.  He then had to call Cradlepoint (the maker of the router) and explain that he had worked with the 3G Store rep and had determined that we needed our, still under warranty,  router replaced.  This new rep took our information and will be sending out a replacement.  Hopefully we’ll get it early next week.

We stopped at CVS this evening and had our photos taken for our new passports.  One step closer to get our expired passports updated!  Now just to send the information and a check off and we’ll be set!


You might remember that we dropped the truck off at the Ford dealer on Monday to have an oil change and to check on an oil leak and an issue with the cruise control.  We got a message yesterday that they hadn’t figured out the issue yet.  Today they said they got it looked at and the found that the leak was due to the drain plug.  Not sure exactly since we didn’t talk to them but if it was the drain plug not being replaced properly…that would have been them the last time they did an oil change!  They’re still not sure what the issue is with the cruise control though.  Sure hoping they have it done tomorrow as we plan to take the truck to a metal fabricator on Friday to have the tool/fuel box modified so that the Tonneau cover can be closed over it.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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