Last Day of the Georgia Rally :-(

Posted by on March 18, 2012

Wow!  We slept until 9:00 this morning!  It sure felt good!  No big breakfast this morning…just some bagels.  I took my bagel and my Kindle out to the patio to enjoy the morning while Michael staying inside.  While I was outside the neighbor from across the street came over to visit for awhile while her husband finished cooking their outdoor breakfast.  When she left I finished my breakfast and then Larry B stopped by with his doggie companion, Duchess and we chatted for a while.  Then Larry’s wife, Sam and Dorothy V stopped by to see the coach.  They went inside while Michael showed them around and Larry and I continued to visit.  A little while later Reta stopped by for a brief chat but was quickly on her way.  When all of our company had left Michael and I decided to take a walk to say good-bye to those that were leaving today.

John F, Mike, Dick H, Marv O, Larry B, Reta H & Doug S

While on our walk we said good-bye to Ken & Kathy A, Jerry C, Randy & Santha A, Jerry F & Linda S and of course Dick & Reta H.

Saying good bye to Ken & Kathy A

Lots of hugs as Randy & Santha and Dick & Reta depart

While we were saying good-bye to Dick and Reta, Dick noticed that his tire pressure monitor was showing that one of their brand new tires was low.  (They had a blow out on the way here on Thursday)  A few of the guys gathered round and they filled up the tire and got it so that it was holding air and not leaking.

There are still eight rigs or so that are spending one more night here before going home, heading to Tampa for the rally there or just moving somewhere else.  We spent the day visiting with those that were still here…most of time next door on Jim’s patio.  People came and went through out the day.  I had a nice visit with Dorothy O and Samantha B while the guys went over to Doug & Mary S’s to help him figure out why he couldn’t reply on the forum.  Larry B came over for a while and was able to fix Jim’s door that didn’t seem to want to latch properly.  Doug S came over for a while.  Now as I type this I see that Marv is out there chatting with Doug S and Michael.  It’s just such a nice relaxed atmosphere and such good people.

While we were chatting Michael also had our basement open as he was re-labling some of our totes as he put them away.  We had LOTS of compliments about how organized our basement is and how hard it was for people to believe that everything we have is in that basement!  Soon I will take some pictures and let you see our organized basement!

For dinner this evening we started out with 4 of us planning on going to The Longhorn Steakhouse in Perry (about 12 miles north) and ended up with a party of 10!  Once again a ton of conversation and good company.  The six people who decided not to go out for dinner gathered in one of the community rooms and ate their dinners together.   When we got back from dinner there were several couples outside chatting so we joined in and also had a few more people tour the coach.  We were out until about 9:00 pm visiting with various couples before the mosquitos got a little to pesky and we went inside to relax for the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow we head back to home base Montgomery.  We’ve had such a wonderful time it will be hard to leave…thankfully we’ve been able to swap emails and Facebook information with many of our new-found friends so we’ll be able to keep in contact with many of them.  Thankfully we only have 39 days until our next rally and several of our Heartland friends will be there too!


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  1. jbeletti

    We had a great time at the rally. Happy to have spent time with you guys again. See you in Gulf Shores!

    Jim B

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