Knee, MaxxFan, Rewards & A Grill

Posted by on March 7, 2012

Not a whole lot to report today.  Michael spent the day behind his desk at work while I did a few chores and caught up on some of my TV shows at home.

I had an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon regarding the MRI that was taken on my knee back on February 7th.  The MRI showed that I have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome – which is kind of a catch-all for ‘knee pain’.  Go figure!?  While examining my knee the doctor performed the Patellar Grind Test….I just about went through the roof!  Holy cow did that hurt!  Apparently if there is pain or discomfort with the test that is a positive for Patellofemoral Syndrome.  He also found that I have arthritis under the knee cap.  He gave me a prescription to take and an exercise to do that he said usually helps about 80% of his patients.  I will need to go back to him in 8 weeks to see how my knee is feeling.  If things aren’t improved then he will do some kind of injections…I’m sure my knee will feel better as I have NO intentions of injecting anything into my knee!

When Michael came home from work he immediately went to work on finishing the install of the Maxxfan.  He had the work on the roof done in about an hour and will now just finish the work inside the coach. When he got done working on the roof Michael cleaned up and we headed into Montgomery for dinner.  We decided on going to Red Robin…Yum!  (we have a gift card) We used to go to one in Madison, Wisconsin occasionally and really enjoyed it so we were happy to find one here in Montgomery.  We’ve only been to this one once and weren’t as pleased as we though we’d be but decided to give it another try tonight.  Thankfully tonight was much better than the last time we were there as we both enjoyed our burgers.  To make it even better our burgers were FREE!  We signed up for their rewards program and since our birthdays are both this month our burgers were free…can’t beat that!

We have a credit card that gives rewards for dollars spent and then we turn those reward points in for restaurant gift cards.  This particular card provides extra points for spending in different categories for certain time periods.  For example – from January through the end of March any purchases made for gas or on Amazon purchases earn 5% cash back.  So for our gas & Amazon purchases we used that credit card during those months and were sure to pay off the card balance at the end of each month.  The categories for April – June are grocery stores and movie theaters…I don’t think we’ll be racking up the points like we did this first quarter…oh well!  (This is where the Red Robin gift card for tonight’s dinner came from!)

We decided on the grill we want to go with and I ordered it today.  We went with the Weber Q 120, which is pretty much the same as the Weber Q100 but the 120 has two side tables that Michael thought we needed.  We also ordered the cover, griddle and an adaptor so that we can hook the grill directly up to the propane tanks on the coach.  For the past few years we’ve been Amazon Prime members so we receive free 2 day shipping.  For $79.00 per year it has been well worth the cost as we do quite a bit of business with Amazon.

Michael also received the Tire Pressure Monitoring System that he ordered a few days ago today.  Unfortunately, he ordered the wrong item so now he is working on getting it returned and ordering the correct system.

8 Responses to Knee, MaxxFan, Rewards & A Grill

  1. John Krussow

    Michael is sure a great craftsman, nice job on the Maxxfan! We would like a demo once we get to meet both of you this coming April.

    • 2psnapod2

      John, thanks for the complement. I used to be able to more, but with work being so busy and I being so tired after I come home, I don’t get to do as much as I can. Hopefully that will change once I retire. As far as the demo goes, you bet! Just hurry up and get away from that cold up there. See you in APR.


  2. Chico

    Thanks. My knee feels better too.

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