Making Plans

Posted by on February 26, 2012

Our Saturday was WAY too short as Michael worked until about 2:00 pm due to the YTB (Yearly Training Briefing).  When he got home we both did some reading on another Full-Time RV Blog (RV-Dreams) that we recently started following.  This couple has been Full-Timing since the fall of 2005.  It’s nice to see that others that have the same dream we have are able to succeed and enjoy themselves.

We had tickets to another dinner theater performance at the Faulkner University Dinner Theater on Saturday night.  The play this time was ‘Big River’, the story of Huck Finn.  Once again it was very enjoyable and for $20 each you really can’t go wrong.  Dinner was fried chicken, pulled pork, mashed potatoes & gravy, black-eyed peas, corn bread, collard greens & dessert.  We’ll really miss the performances when we hit the road.

Milwaukee Brewers tickets went on sale at 9:00 am Saturday morning and I was able to quickly (there is a MAD rush to purchase tickets when they go on sale) purchase tickets for the one game that we will be able to attend in Milwaukee this year.  Wednesday August 22nd we will be attending the game (vs the Cubs) along with our sons, their wives and their children.  We’ll also have Michael’s mother with us, who has never been to a game.  We’re all looking forward to it as any time together is special…and doing something we all love (watching baseball) is an even bigger plus!

While Michael was working Saturday morning I made a few more reservations at RV parks for this winter.  At this point I have reservations until 2/18/13.   We’ll be spending the winter in Texas.  When we lived in Texas in the mid-late 80s I said I’d never go back…hmmm…now I have a choice and that’s where I end up??  Go figure!

Our oldest son will be at a military school in San Antonio from September to November so we decided to spend some time near him and will be staying at the FamCamp at Ft Sam Houston for the month of October.  (Fort Sam Houston joined with Lackland and Randolph Air Force Bases and is now called Joint Base San Antonio or JBSA)  It will be nice to be nearby if he decides he’d like some relaxation time, a home cooked meal, or time with good ol’ mom & dad.  He & his family currently live 2,000 miles from us.

When we leave JBSA we will visit family near Dallas for a week and then move on to the Houston/Galveston area for a month.  Neither of us have ever been to the area and we’re excited to check out both areas.  From there we will move a little south to Rockport, which is just east of Corpus Christi, for almost 6 weeks.  We got a recommendation for a nice park that one of our Heartland friends recommended and are really looking forward to staying there.  There are several ‘Heartlanders’ in the area that we are looking forward to meeting and getting together with.

We’ll move down to the Mission, Texas area for a month in January-February.  There are several Heartland get-togethers at the end of January that we want to attend.  We’re also looking forward to walking over the border into Progreso, Mexico.  Way back in 1985-1986 we lived in El Paso, Texas and were able to walk across the border into Juarez, Mexico.  It was a lot of fun…but unfortunately not something you should do today.  We are told that Progresso is still a very safe area and many of our friends made several trips across the border this year.

When we leave Mission we will be headed to the Phoenix, AZ area to watch some spring training baseball!  (Go Brewers!) However, we will make a few stops along the way – the first being in Kerrville, Texas.  We plan to attend the RVnet Sweetheart Rally.  Besides meeting new friends we will also be able to get together with more of our Heartland friends as they have a large presence at this rally.

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