Dreary Weather Means Movies & Veggie Soup

Posted by on February 24, 2012

Thundery-stormy here this morning.  Dropped from 71 degrees to 55 VERY quickly.  I think that the majority of it was over by noon…but I have to admit I am a bit uncomfortable when the coach sways with the wind.  I’m not much for storms to begin with…the loud thunder booms tend to make me jump and the lightening makes me flinch.  Call me a chicken…I don’t mind.  🙂

I have the fireplace going and am watching movies while I enjoy this bleak and dreary day.   We have four free movie channels until mid March so I’ve been ‘stocking up’.  Recording lots and lots of movies on the DVR so that when the free movie channels are gone we have plenty of movies to watch!  LOL

While I watched ‘Titanic‘ I also worked on the 2nd half of my 2011 Shutterfly photo book.  If you have not yet discovered Shutterfly…check it out!  It’s a great way to create a digital scrapbook of your photos.  It’s super easy – drag and drop!  I started using Shutterfly about 6 years ago and love it!  I used to create a photo book for each of our big life events but recently started just making a book to cover the entire year.  (I actually end up with 2 books because they end up being so large that I split it into to books)  If you are interested in seeing what a completed book can look like, let me know and I will share one of my books with you.

Today is the first Friday of Lent and since its rainy and yucky I decided it was a good day to throw together some Vegetable Pasta Soup.   We’ll have some crackers with our soup and our meal will be complete.

A relaxing evening is in order as Michael has been working long hours helping the commander prepare for their Yearly Training Brief (YTB).  This commander just took command at the end of last year so he is pretty worried and doesn’t really know what to expect.  Michael, on the other hand, has been doing his current job for over 12 years and has gone through at least that many YTBs so he is quite comfortable with the entire process.  Now if he could just get the commander to relax maybe Michael would get a chance to relax too!  The YTB is a presentation of the Yearly Training Calendar (YTC), usually to the General but he won’t be there this weekend.   Tomorrow they will brief their YTB slides (Power Point presentation) to the Deputy Commander of the Brigade (a full-bird Colonel) and then hopefully this crazy going into work early, short lunches and working late will come to an end.

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