Bad Back, Back Splash & Old Photos

Posted by on February 22, 2012

I missed a few days of blogging and now I need to play catch up!

Michael has back problems and Sunday things flared up so he rested for most of the day trying not to aggravate it any more.  He has an appointment to see the chiropractor and his provider at the Maxwell clinic on Tuesday (ridiculous that an active duty member can’t get in before then!)

On Monday he felt a little bit better so he started the process of hanging our new back splash.  For some reason when we got our Key Largo it did not come with a back splash so we ordered one.  We received it awhile ago but it was too large for the space it was to go in, so it needed to be cut down.  It’s glass so we had to find a place, here in Montgomery, that was able to cut it.   With the holidays ,work and traveling Michael was finally able to find a place, Independent Glass, that was able to do the job.  They couldn’t guarantee that the back splash wouldn’t break…but we took the plunge.  Michael picked the back splash up a few days later and it was completely in tact and it fit perfectly too!  At this point the back splash is on the wall but has to ‘cure’ about a week before he finishes up by caulking around the edges.  Pics to come!

Michael also removed the pin box cover on the coach in preparation of replacing it with a new one.  It was damaged last June when we allowed someone to interrupt our routine while hitching up…more on THAT at a later date!

Yesterday I started a project that when complete will be great…but there is a LOT of work to get to completion!  We decided that with the loose photos that we have left (most of the others have been given to our sons) I would scan them and put them all on cds.  Over the weekend I sorted pictures into different categories to make my scanning job a little smoother.   I took a smallish batch of pictures (old family & friends photos) to the Walmart Photo Center to use their scanner (only $2.97 + your time to create a cd).  When I got there, I found that the ‘do it yourself’ machine was out of order.  They had two other machines that you scan the pics yourself but have to wait an hour for the cd when you’re done scanning.  I decided to use one of those machines and started scanning…slowly scanning.  It seems that the machine I chose was the slowest machine ever produced.  After an hour of scanning the scanner decided to stop working!  Thankfully, I was able to create a cd with the pictures that had been scanned to that point (only a couple dozen or so).  I moved to the next machine over and started again.  This machine was MUCH faster and in the hour and a half that I scanned on it I was able to scan TONS more than on the previous machine.  Once again, the scanner stopped working, just short of me finishing the  batch of pictures that I had taken with me.  After scanning for 2.5 hours I decided I’d had enough and would have to finish those pictures another day.   I’m planning to pick up those two cds this evening.

What will I do with the pictures when I have them all scanned?  My plan is to give my brothers and sisters any pictures that I have of them or their families.  I also have some that I will give to cousins & aunts and uncles.  I have some OLD pictures of my paternal grandparents from the 1940s and other people who I’ve decided to store (I just can’t part with them yet.  As for more recent pictures of our immediate family they will go in the garbage.  I know…eek!  But as long as I have them on cd I can look at them any time that I want/need.

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.  We normally ‘try’ to abstain from something for the 45 days of Lent and we also try to observe ‘meatless Fridays’.  We’ll be kicking off Lent with a ‘meatless’ pizza at Carrabba’s for dinner tonight.  We’ve both decided to ‘give up’ sweets for Lent this year (as is our daughter-in-law).   We’ve indulged WAY too much lately and this is a good chance for us to keep from over-indulging and maybe even lose a few pounds!  Wish us luck!

PS – Just got home from picking up my cd…yes singular…not plural.  The second cd (the one that took the longest and had the most pictures on it didn’t make it through to their printer for some reason!  Ugh!  So upset…  The guy that was there gave me the one that did turn out free…but it’s still frustrating!

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  1. Megan

    Ugh that is Wal-Mart for you

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