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Posted by on February 18, 2012

The second day of Michael’s 4-day weekend started out fairly early.  We were up about 7 am, Michael showered and we both did the usual checking of Facebook, email, and the Heartland Owners Forum before I cooked breakfast.   Thankfully, I am feeling much better today than I did yesterday – still not 100% but at least 80%!  After breakfast we watched ‘Real Steel‘, one of the movies we picked up yesterday from the Red Box.  We both REALLY enjoyed this movie and highly recommend it!

When the movie was over I showered while Michael continued sorting through his Army gear.  Shortly thereafter we headed to Prattville to have lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Las Casitas.  Thanks for our friends, Jim B & Kevin W, who are currently in Texas and posting LOTS of pictures of the Mexican dishes (along with all kinds of other dishes!) they’ve been enjoying while there….Michael had a craving that needed to be met! Michael has me addicted to fried ice cream so we normally share a serving.

Fried Ice Cream - Yum!

On our agenda today was to get to the Skills Development Center on Maxwell Air Force Base so that Michael could start working on a stool for our grandson.  While he worked in the wood shop I was in the Ceramic shop (just down the hall) completing a project that Michael started nearly a year ago – a ceramic frog welcome thingie.




My project - finishing Michael's project

It has been a rainy, miserable day so we spent the rest of our day watching movies.  No better way to enjoy the rain showers!  Hoping that we don’t float away as it is supposed to rain until the very early morning hours…with thunder storms around 1:00 am or so.  I like to hear the pitter patter or rain…but I have to admit I’m not used to the swaying that a good old-fashioned storm can cause.

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