Errands, Errands & More Errands!

Posted by on February 18, 2012

Michael has a 4-day weekend due to President’s Day so we’ve had a busy couple of days trying to get things accomplished that have been on our ‘to do’ list for some time.

Friday started out with both of us relaxing for a few hours before we headed out to do some errands.  First stop was for lunch at Panera Bread (again!) – energizing before starting our errands!  I have a cold and soup sounded really good too.

Our first errand stop was at the Eastdale Mall so that Michael could have a few keys made.  Next stop was to H&H Truck & Home Accessories so that we could order the Tonneau cover for the truck.  Michael got a better deal than he expecting, saving about $100.  They will call us when it comes in…probably a couple of weeks from now.

From H&H we drove to Wetumpka to Wal-Mart.  I had 4 free Red Box movie coupons that would be expiring soon so we used those up and rented 4 movies.  (Real Steel, The Double, Texas Killing Fields & Fireflies in the Garden)  Then we picked up a few items and were out of the store and on to our next errand in about 30 minutes.  Among the things we picked up were cough medicine, Vicks, Kleenex & cough drops so that I can try to combat this darn cold!

Next Stop was Lowes.  Michael needed a few items for some small projects.  Caulking and some sort of adhesive to apply a back splash behind the stove and a board, screws & dowels to make a stool for our grandson.

The last stop was at our storage unit at Storage World – great location for us…just about a mile up the road.  Michael picked up all of his excess Army gear so that he could go through it and decide what he could get rid of at this time and what he still had to keep.  The plan is to stop at a surplus store in Montgomery and see if they will give him a decent price for any of it.

When we got home we sat on the patio so that Michael could sort through his Army gear.  I watched a few shows on the patio TV (Grey’s & Private Practice) while he worked.  It got a little cool after a while so I snuggled up under one of Michael’s poncho liners.

When it got too dark to see easily and my toes were quite cold Michael finished sorting through his gear and we moved inside to watch a movie.  I ‘doctored’ myself up with Aleve, cough syrup & Vicks and armed myself with Kleenex and cough drops and we watched ‘Texas Killing Fields’ in bed.  Meh.  Not the greatest movie…

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