Fuel/Tool Box Addition

Posted by on February 16, 2012

It can be tough to find a gas station that sells diesel fuel and is large enough (the coach is 41 ft long and needs a clearance of at least 14 feet) for us to enter safely. Our best bet is to find Flying Js or Pilots as they have plenty of room, food and we can even overnight in their parking lot if needed, but they are not always along our route.  With this in mind we decided to add an additional gas tank in the bed of the truck.

Michael chose a 40 gallon fuel/tool box from Amazon.   It works great to store his tools in so that they are always handy.   When he order the fuel/tool box he also ordered the install kit that fits our truck, 2010 Ford F-350.   We’re lucky to have a shop, Performance Truck & Auto Accessories, that is only about 6 miles or so from the house.  They installed the fuel/tool box for $175 and did a great job!  We haven’t experienced any leaks or issues.  For us this was well spent dollars – for others it may not be quite as important.

Closed Fuel/Tool Box

Open Fuel/Tool Box

Fuel portion of Fuel/Tool Box

The extra 40 gallons of diesel allows us to drive all day (we try to stay around 350 miles per day) and not have to worry about refueling.  We can get to our RV park or where ever we plan to spend the night, unhook and fuel up without having to worry about finding a gas station that will accommodate the size of our rig.

We want to add a Tonneau cover to the truck yet.  One that will open toward the back of the truck so that the fuel tank is still accessible and flips toward the front of the truck to store on top of the fuel box when the coach is attached to the truck.  When the truck is not attached to the coach the Tonneau cover will cover the bed of the truck for more storage room!  We’re always looking for more storage room!  More about that when we get one installed.

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  1. John Krussow

    Very nice Michael! I installed a 60 gallon tank from the same manufacturer early last summer and do not reget it one bit. I went with the 60 gallon because GM installs a tiny tank (28 gallon) in their 1 ton trucks for some reason. I used the same install kit as you but took half a Saturday to install everything myself.

    The biggest change I did from your install was to a inline filter and pump in order to refill the main tank quicker. My first version of this system has the pump switch inside the the tool box; so we need to be stopped to refill. I’m now in the process of rewiring it to a panel inside the truck so we can refill as we roll down the road. I have read that many people have had trouble with their on-board computer not reading the main tank fuel level correctly but Rana and I tested it several times and I can turn on the pump with a nearly empty tank and slowly watch it fill while in motion.

    Regardng your tonneau cover; have you found one you like yet? I purchased the Truxedo “Deuce” which does what you want; opens from the front for access to the aux tank and tool box. I bought mine here http://www.stylintrucks.com/parts/truxedo-reg-_deuce_soft_tonneau_covers/1104000028_1955.aspx

    If you have questions or want pictures I can take some this weekend since it’s in the upper 30’s and 40’s and sunny. Let me know through the Heartland message system.

    • 2psnapod1

      Hi John,

      I apologize for taking so long to respond. I just found your comment in the spam folder…being new to this blogging stuff I didn’t realize there was a spam folder. I will have Michael respond this evening when he is home from work.

    • 2psnapod2

      John, I went with the 40 gallon due to the size and with my truck tank being 38 gallons it makes 78 gallons on board. I need more space in the bed of the truck. The difference is about 6 inches wider, taking 6 more inches of my bed space and less space for tools. As far as the gravity feed, I went with it due to it being simple to use and maintain. Not really any other reason. The tonneau cover that I choose is the G4 Elite Fold a cover. I liked the way it looked and locked on the websites I saw. It was VERY expensive, but since we have money growing out of our ears. (Yeah right!) I went with it anyway. But it did set us back almost a grand and is being installed on Thursday. Looking forward to meeting you at some point.


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