Fireplace – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Posted by on February 15, 2012

Ten + years ago when we really started looking at 5th wheels with the intent of figuring out exactly what we wanted in a coach for when Michael’s retirement arrived we thought it was totally ludicrous to have a fireplace in a ‘camper’.  Then one day we were at an RV show and made that remark to one of the salesman who replied, ‘I used to think the same thing until one of my customers reminded me that when you are in an RV park that has electric included in the fee you can use the fireplace to heat the coach and not the have extra expense of  using propane for the furnace’.  Hmmm….that got us to thinking and pretty much from that point on we were set on having a fireplace.

We are both so VERY happy that we went with the fireplace!  The fireplace, by itself, keeps the entire coach comfortable most of the time here in Alabama. (Keep in mind we also have dual-pane windows).

Our particular fireplace has a couple of different settings.  One switch allows you to turn the heat on and off (which is nice because you can have the ‘look’ of the fire without the heat in the warmer weather if you want).  There are also a dimmer switch and a blower fan switch so that we can adjust the brightness & fan settings.

The only thing that we wish that the fireplace had is a remote.  The controls are at the bottom of the fireplace…pretty much on the floor and it can make it difficult to see which switch is for what.  Michael even contacted the manufacturer, Dimplex, to see if we could order a remote…but unfortunately they don’t have one for this model.

Moral of the story?  If you’re looking to buy a coach and thinking of what options to choose, go with a fireplace…you’ll thank us!

Fireplace - see controls at the very bottom

2 Responses to Fireplace – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

  1. John Krussow

    Rana and I agree wholeheartedly regarding a fireplace. I also agree that putting the controls at the bottom of the unit is just plain stupid. Top corner would have been better, out of the heat and easy to reach. Remote is a good work around but not available unless you upgrade. I would also add to this wish list; programable. Set it up so that it comes on 30 minutes before the coffee maker starts it’s morning duties.

    I do envy you that you can enjoy your wonderful Heartland surroundings while ours sits quietly in a storage lot covered in snow. Yes, winter has now decided to arrive in Minnesota. Measurable snow coming all next week; next time I see Phil the groundhog he’s not going to be seeing anymore shadows. 😉

  2. 2psnapod1

    I would have to agree with being able to enjoy our Heartland surroundings year round! We moved here from Wisconsin so we totally understand the northern winters…and don’t miss them ONE bit!

    Gorgeous day here today…walked around the park and met several of the neighbors…but really looking forward to meeting the ones that will arrive in April!

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