Television Junkies…Perhaps?

Posted by on February 6, 2012

One of the things we HAD to consider about our full-time adventure was how were we going to be able to watch TV.  Yes, I said ‘HAD’.  I admit…we are TV junkies (Michael probably won’t admit it).  We have several shows that we enjoy (Revenge, Greys, Castle, Person of Interest, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Storage Wars, etc).  Michael is also a news junkie (FOX, CNN, Headline News, CNBC, MSNBC etc) switching between the channels to compare what each are reporting.  Some parks have cable, some don’t.  We just didn’t want to rely on the ‘if’ and if they did have it…was it going to be decent quality?

Michael put on his research gloves and began the task of comparing and analyzing the different satellite companies.  Right away he narrowed it down to Direct TV and Dish TV.  Being the picky man that he is he had certain criteria that needed to be met:  the service had to be  HD capable and offer a DVR.  We’ve had a DVR for at least 7 years and don’t want to ever have to do with out!

He finally decided to go with Direct TV (better reviews than Dish) and instead of a roof top mounted model he decided on a standard home set up.  (we’ve heard a lot of people have issues with the roof top models if the place they are parked in has a lot of trees, since the roof top model is pretty much stationary) He would like to have had a CarryOut model but Direct TV doesn’t have a HD version.  Dish TV does…but we heard more ‘good’ reviews about Direct TV rather than Dish TV.

CarryOut Satellite Dish

RV Roof-Top Satellite Dish

After his long and ardent search he finally decided that it was time to order a package so that we would be ‘experienced’ in the art of satellite TV before we actually hit the road.  In January, we had Direct TV come out and set up a dish along with 3 (yes…3!!) DVR boxes.  He went with a ‘Whole Home‘ DVR system which allows us to access the list of programs we have recorded from any of the 3 TVs we currently have in the coach.  We can also be watching a program in one room, pause it, and then go into a different room to resume watching it.

Our current package includes the dish, Whole Home DVR, Choice Ultimate package, & 4 Pay Movie Channels (free for 3 months).   We receive a $10 monthly credit for 10 months because our son referred us (he receives the credit too), $10 a month credit for auto bill pay, plus about $30 a month credit for signing a 2 year contract.  With all of the credits it makes our monthly bill (for now) about $55 a month.  *If you’re thinking about getting Direct TV…let us know and we can both save $$!!

Now, for those that are wondering how we can possibly have 3 TVs in our small 350 sq ft coach.  We have a 42 inch TV in the living room, a 32 inch TV in the bedroom and a 27 inch TV in the basement/patio.  TaDa!

Michael also ordered a sturdy Satellite Dish Tripod to mount the dish on and it also came with a handy carry case and assorted gizmos.  It was a little more expensive than we had hoped for but we decided we’d rather pay a little more to make sure the dish is secure than to find the dish smashed on the ground.

We haven’t yet had to disassemble the dish so I’m sure that when the time comes it will be an adventure in itself and you will hear all about it!

Satellite Dish

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