To Read or Not To Read

Posted by on January 31, 2012

I’m an avid reader.  Reading relaxes me.  I don’t read a whole lot during the day unless I’m waiting at an appointment or if I need to waste some time.  But almost every night I will read for about an hour before I go to sleep.  My mother and her mother were both avid readers and it seems that it was handed down the line.  I tried to get my sons interested in reading but neither of them followed through.  Thankfully they both married girls that enjoy reading too!

For Mother’s Day 2009 my sons and husband put their money together to get me a generation II Kindle.  Of course it was when Kindles were new and cost a ton load.  You can almost buy 2 Kindle Fires for what my original Kindle cost!

I had a large book collection when I got my Kindle.  After having my Kindle for a few weeks I decided I was never going back to a ‘real’ book again.  We were moving to Alabama that September and had a moving sale.  All of my ‘real’ books were sold and I have gradually grown my Kindle library to about 500 books or so.

I find that I read a lot more now that I have my Kindle.  It’s just so handy!  I just slip it in my purse and off I go.  It keeps my page marked so I never lose where I am.  If I go and finish a book I don’t have to worry about packing another book because every book I own is already with me.

My daughters in law both have Kindles as well and we are able to lend books to one another.  Amazon  has a top 100 list of free books (as well as best sellers) that I check out now and again so that I can add more books to my library.  Late in 2011, Amazon also began a lending library.  You can borrow a book (with no due date) from a predetermined list of books.

Full-time RVing and a Kindle are a match made in heaven!  Obviously we don’t have a whole lot of space and our weight limits are somewhat restricted.  What better way to keep my entire library with me at all times than to own a Kindle!?

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