Appointments, Groceries & Comics, Oh My!

Posted by on January 30, 2012

Monday again…  Today starts a 12 day work week for Michael.  The company has drill this weekend so when that happens he loses his weekend.  By next Friday he’ll be pretty pooped.  The good side is that after this drill weekend he only has 5 more to go!

I had a doctors (nurse practitioner actually) this morning at the Maxwell AFB clinic.  I’ve been having some pain in my right knee off & on since July and finally decided it was time to have it checked out.  I’ve had a torn meniscus in both knees which were both surgically repaired more than 10 years ago, closer to 15 actually.  I have some arthritis in both but the right is much worse.  However, the pain I’ve been having doesn’t seem to be arthritis related…but I guess it could be…  It’s just a totally different feeling from what I’ve experienced over the years.  Anyway, I was able to convince her to order an MRI.  Now I just have to wait to get a phone call from the referral department to tell me when and where my appointment is.

My blood pressure has been elevated the last couple of times I was at the clinic so now I am supposed to do a 5-day check to evaluate it.  She also changed my prescription for Allegra-D to plain Allegra stating that the ‘D’ (Sudafed) is known to raise blood pressure.  Hopefully, the change in prescriptions will help.

After my appointment I stopped for lunch and then went on to the Commissary at Gunter Annex to do my weekly grocery shopping.  Our groceries totaled $40 this week!  I’d say I average about $60 a week.  It helps that I create a menu for a month at a time and use it to create it my grocery list.  I found that before I started making a dinner menu I went to the grocery store and just bought whatever…not necessarily with any reasoning in mind.  Now that I make I menu I use it to create my grocery list my grocery spending is less.

My youngest son, Dan, shared this link with me last night and for some reason I really found it interesting.  Hopefully you will too.  Apparently it originated with an online comic that he sometimes reads…although it’s not like any comic I’m used to…  What happened to comics like Peanuts, Little Lulu, Beetle Bailey, Uncle Scrooge, The Archies etc???  Perhaps I’m showing my age…but it seems like cartoonists like Charles Schultz could actually draw…this comic my son is following has stick figures for goodness sake!

I’ve got a pot of chili on the stove and will make some corn bread muffins to accompany it for dinner tonight.   Nice easy dinner to help take out a little of the chill…it’s only 64 out!  🙂

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