Lazy Sunday

Posted by on January 29, 2012

Not much going on today….I guess it would be a rather lazy Sunday.  We slept later than normal and then relaxed for a while before I made breakfast (bacon, eggs, biscuits & fruit) that we didn’t eat until about 11:15!

Michael worked on a few outdoor projects – the biggest of which was cleaning out the Rubbermaid tubs that he stores his black and gray water goodies in.  He also cleaned out the black and gray water goodies.  Ewww….thank goodness it was an outdoor project.

The other project was to re-attach the keyless entry pad for the front door.  After about 6 months the keyless entry stopped working last week and we hoped it just needed a new battery.  We picked up a new battery when we stopped at Wal-Mart yesterday.  After removing the old battery and inserting the new…ta da…the keyless entry is working again!  The keyless entry works just like that on a car and is so nice and handy!!

While Michael worked on his projects I did housework:  laundry, vacuumed, mopped the kitchen and bathroom and did some general straightening throughout the house.   The coach has a central vac system and it has been a very nice addition…just with that the hose was a little bit longer and that the storage drawer (in the steps up the living room) was a little bit wider and/or deeper so that storage was a little easier.  As it is the long poles to make the handle longer have to be stored under the coach along with the floor brush.

Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Storage

Dinner was chicken & noodles and yummy warm crusty bread!  (Chicken & noodles was made a few weeks ago and half eaten then and half eaten now).  While we watch a movie this evening we’ll enjoy some dessert (cheater microwave chocolate cake!)

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