Little Projects, Dinner & a Play

Posted by on January 28, 2012

Another beautiful day in Alabama!  Windows & door open to allow the fresh air to run rampant throughout the house!  Most of the day will be spent outside enjoying the sunshine!  Ahhhh….

Michael took a day of leave yesterday (have to use it up before he retires) and we didn’t do much more than watch some movies and get caught up on a few TV shows.  He did put up the ‘shed’ so that he could cut some PVC pipe to slide into the bottom slots to give it a little extra weight so it won’t blow around.

Today began with Michael making breakfast (he did yesterday too!) and both of us getting caught up on emails, Facebook, and the Heartland Owners Forum.  Then we ran into Wetumpka to mail a package to our son and his family in Washington, pick up some items from Lowes and our last stop was at Wal-Mart to pick up a few items there as well.

We were able to complete a few small projects that we had been wanting to get done so that made it a good day!  Michael cut & installed the PVC pipe into the bottom of our 5th wheel Skirt (custom-made by Wade RV) – which we refer to as the shed…(the underbelly storage is referred to as the basement!) It’s a great additional storage space that keeps the place looking clean & organized.

Our 'shed'

View from the front

Shed with the door open

Michael added two Command Strip Hooks behind the bedroom door to hold robes, pajamas, jackets etc.  He added two next to the exterior door last week and we decided two more in the bedroom would be helpful as well.  Unfortunately, our Key Largo seems to be the only Landmark that didn’t have some sort of ‘hanging tree’ in its floor plan – something that we mentioned to Kary Katzenberg (Heartland product manager for Landmark & Bighorn) at the Tampa Super Show so I think in the very near future you will see this as a new feature in the Key Largo.

He also rerouted the Direct TV cable to the basement TV because the guy that installed it was in a hurry to get home to watch the Alabama vs LSU game.  Ugh.  Michael is also a perfectionist so it was best to just have the guy run a quick cable and then let Michael do it ‘his’ way later.

Like I said….little tiny projects that had been put off…but are now complete and it feels great!

This evening we are going to dinner at one of my favorite places – Tokyo Japanese Steak House in Prattville.  Yum!  Afterward we have tickets to see Fiddler on the Roof at the Millbrook Community Theater.  We enjoy going to plays and have purchased season tickets to Millbrook Community Theater and Faulkner University Theater for the past 2 seasons.

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