Tornadoes & TVs

Posted by on January 25, 2012

Ok…so I’ve stalled long enough…it’s time to post my blog.  I missed yesterday so I really need to get this post written and published.

Alabama was hit by horrible storms again yesterday.  Tornadoes hit Birmingham (about 90 minutes north of us) and Millbrook (only about 20 minutes to the west of us!).  It was pretty icky here for a while yesterday morning, windy & rainy…actual torrential down pour…for longer than I have ever seen.  I was home alone and was a bit uneasy.   But I made it and when it did finally clear up the sun came out and I was even able to put some clothes outside to dry.   Thankfully, it was not quite as bad as the day we moved into our coach.  It was April 27, 2012 the day of the Tuscaloosa Tornado.  I sure was not the greatest day to move into a 5th wheel!

Today was a gorgeous day with temps reaching 70 and the sun shining all day.  I decided to take advantage and take a few pictures outside.  My focus was the TV in the ‘basement’.  Adding a TV to the basement was one of Michael’s first home improvement projects.  Since we plan to stay away from ‘cold’ weather as much as possible our ideal evening could be spent outside on the patio watching a TV program, movie or baseball game while sipping ice-cold lemonade!

We had a 27 inch TV in the office in our apartment in Prattville (that’s where we lived for the first year & a half we lived in Alabama…before we started full-timing) and decided to keep it just for this project.  With it was also a wall mount so we were pretty much set.  The hardest part for Michael was to remove the bulkhead and reinforce behind it so that it could take the weight of the TV.  Once that was done, he mounted the TV on the mount (which has a swivel arm) and we were in business.  He ordered a set of tie-down straps from Heartland and installed those as well so that the TV didn’t move as we travel.  We’re spoiled, in that, we have a whole home DVR set up (from Direct TV) and can watch anything we have DVRd on any of the 3 TVs (yes, we have 3 TVs in our tiny abode!)  Now I just have to wait for baseball season to start so that we can watch the Milwaukee Brewers while on the patio!

The basement TV in its riding position

Close up

The view from my lounge chair

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