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Posted by on January 23, 2012

Thankfully Michael is a rather handy fellow as he’s been able to make a few ‘home improvements’ to the coach.

1.  One of the first things he did was to add a Surge Protector with Voltage Protection & Remote Display (Progressive Industries) which protects the coach and its contents with any issues with power as campgrounds & rv parks commonly have issues with power.

2.  He also cleaned up all the wiring in the basement as it was kind of a rats nest with wires going every which way.  They are now in nice orderly bundles and much easier to manage if issues arise.

3.  Since a lot of RV Parks have higher water pressure it was recommended that we use a water regulator to maintain a constant water pressure.  We have an Adjustable Water Regulator by Valterra which we purchased at Camping World for about $65.  Michael keeps it at just under 60 pounds, which seems to be a good pressure for us.

4.  When we purchased our coach it was a brand new floor plan and Heartland made some tweaks after ours was built.  Our entertainment had opening shelving on either side of the TV and just wasn’t ideal for traveling.  We contacted Heartland Customer Service and were able to order doors (which are actually drawer fronts), knobs & hardware to fit the openings.  Michael finished installing the doors & knobs today.  It’s gives a whole new look to the entertainment center and is much more practical for us and traveling.  Pictures below (could be better quality – sorry!)

Before - no doors

After - With doors

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